Prevent and Get Best Lower Back Pain Treatment

Never Ignore a Lower Back Pain

Many take their lower back pain problem lightly and think that the pain may go away or disappear by itself over a period of time. However, sometimes even minor lower back pain can result in a more serious ailment at a later stage, if not attended to in time. 

Lower back pain can happen for any reason, like weight lifting, improper posture, and inappropriate sleeping position, sports injury, due to any extreme activity like bungee jumping, vigorous touring or mountaineering, ageing, spending too much time motionless on sofa / couch or bed watching TV etc. Lower back pain can happen due compression of nerves, muscle or tissue wear and tear, muscle sprain, inappropriate sitting position especially in long work hours etc. 

How to Deal with Lower Back Pain

The most obvious, natural and apparent way is to consult an experienced and seasoned Doctor, Physiotherapist, Orthopedist or Chiropractor, like at Orthocure healthcare. They have hands on experience and expertise in resolving the lower back pain problem at the earliest and in the most natural way. 

The Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists and Chiropractor at Orthocure healthcare provide the best treatment for lower back pain. They provide all the guidance, even post the treatment and 100% recovery of the patient, such as how to maintain the right posture, using the right crepe bandage, the right ointments, the best exercises, good habits and so forth.  Orthocure healthcare medical staff endeavors to have natural treatment and cure with virtually no use of medicines, as far as possible and avoidable, as these can have some side-effects in the future. 

The Best Back Pain Treatment

The specialty chain of clinics of Orthocure healthcare provide dedicated, focused and best back pain treatment. The methodologies, best practices and adjustment techniques used in the back pain treatment are the best in the industry, as per their norms and standards. The Doctors are specialists. The best back pain treatment depends on the type and area of lower back pain. There can be many causes for lower back pain occurring. 

The Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists, Chiropractor at Orthocure healthcare, in the process of treatment and after the pain is relieved, focus on strengthening the lower back pain area, which enables flexibility and makes movement back to normal in a more natural way. They tell about the best practices in maintaining a healthy lower back post the lower back pain treatment, such as weight watch, right food / diet, certain easy exercises, having a better posture, the appropriate sleeping position and so forth. Sometimes, even a small tip like using a suitable pillow and its stiffness can help relieve and maintain a proper lower back healthiness. All these aspects are discussed at length between the Doctor and patient.

Advantages of Back Pain Treatment at Orthocure Healthcare

To mention some of the advantages of having a back pain treatment done at Orthocure healthcare, are:

  • Safest clinic premises that prevent against Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19
  • Most conveniently located clinics to choose from, spread across Gurgaon
  • Top of the line medical equipment used – MedX USA
  • Top of the line Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists and Chiropractor 
  • International experience and exposure of the Doctors and the Management

Orthocure Healthcare and the Best MedX USA Equipment 

Orthocure healthcare believes in the best sources that includes for the best medical equipment that it uses for the ultimate benefit of the patients; these are the MedX USA world class medical equipments. These are designed in such as way that it benefits both the patient and the medical staff in its functionality and ease of use. Many of the MedX high-quality / precision devices and equipment are passed under the prime US governing body FDA (a US Government agency, established in 1906).

Contacting any of the Orthocure Healthcare Chain of Clinics is Just or a Call or Click Away

One may call Orthocure healthcare directly at +91 – 9821451214 to seek an appointment or to seek general information, or one may fill a simple form for a call back at the “Online” button on website.

Comprehensive Sciatica, Lower Back Pain & Slipped Disc Treatment

Clear your Confusion about Sciatica 

Sciatica is a particular type of pain that can occur to any person, but particularly for those ageing, in post pregnancy period, Sports or activities related and so forth. The pain mainly occurs due to irritation or compression of nerves in these areas. The pain is felt in the back, hips to legs. Many complain of such pain on one side of the lower body downwards of lower back. Generally, the starting point of sciatica pain is lower back. Sciatica pain is cured using physiotherapy treatment where back pain treatments, slipped disc treatment etc are also covered. Many patients go for back pain treatment or slipped disc treatment. 

The History of Sciatica, Back Pain Treatment and Slipped Disc Treatment

In the ancient times, it is found that sciatica, back pain treatment or slipped disc treatment was treated in a specialized way as a focused sphere of influence by the Physicians then, e.g., Roman and Greek Physicians. In the ancient Indian medical system / health care – Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani, natural cures were conducted. Even in the modern times, certain Yoga exercises are instructed and recommended by Physiotherapists post the Sciatica, back pain treatment or slipped disc treatment to maintain a healthy wellbeing and lifestyle. 

How to go about Sciatica, Back Pain Treatment and Slipped Disc Treatment 

Sciatic treatment relates to recovery from all pains and ailments related to the lower back pain, also nerves in the back, spine, hips and legs area. The cause could be blockage or compression of nerves, bone spur etc. The most recommended treatment for Sciatica is physiotherapy, which is also preferred for back pain treatment and slipped disc treatment. Similarly, back pain treatment and slipped disc treatment can also be related to nerves, depending on the complaint of the patient, which is determined only after examination by Doctor, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. 

The Age and Risk Factor in Sciatica 

Those under the age of 20 years have negligible complaints or are almost not at all prone to sciatica pain.  However, more and more natives in the ageing population complain about having sciatica pain. There are many factors responsible for this, especially the fast changing lifestyles, dependency on automation or luxury / comfort, lessened physical activity etc. As a person grows older into 50s, 60s, 70s, due to age-related changes- the body experiences degeneration. These older age patients end up having Sciatica, or back pain treatment or slipped disc treatment. 

Sciatica Treatment, Back Pain Treatment and Slipped Disk Treatment Post Pregnancy

Sciatica happens due to squeezing, compression or blockage in the spinal nerve root in the back / spine that goes down to the legs, hip area. After a child delivery, the physical condition becomes disturbed or is weakened. The back / spine, hip, legs etc take a toll on the body post pregnancy. Therefore, after the baby is born, it has a residual effect, therefore the body needs proper care, and guidance by a Physiotherapist can quickly heal pains related to back pain, hips, legs etc. Some patients need to go for back pain treatment and slipped disk treatment.

Physiotherapists also provide best practices on right postures especially in sitting, feeding baby, mild daily exercises, etc. The first 2 or 3 weeks are predominantly crucial post pregnancy in brining physical condition to normalcy. These are generally included in the back pain treatment and slipped disk treatment, as well.

To Find a One-Stop Solution for Sciatica Treatment, Back Pain Treatment and Slipped Disk Treatment

The Orthocure chain of Clinics in Gurgaon provide a one-stop solution for sciatica treatment, back pain treatment and slipped disk treatment. The Doctors and Physiotherapist at Orthocure have medical leadership, are most highly qualified and some with international experience in the healthcare industry. Some are top and famous Doctors and Physiotherapists. For more information and a FREE consultation, please call at +91 – 9821451214.

An Easy to Do Foot Care – Wear Foot Insoles

Importance of Foot Insoles for Feet

The whole of the human body’s weight descends on the bottom area of the feet (soles) or specifically the plantar fasciitis. This is the fiber tissue on the bottom of the foot that connects the heels area to the last foot point – the toes. Foot insoles in the footwear help protect, balance body and prevent from any injuries, jerks, lower back pains etc which may avoid any person going to an artificial limb center for treatment. 

A brief about Foot Insoles

Foot insoles are recommended especially for those who have lower back pains, knee problem, stiff legs etc. Foot insoles provide an extra layer of comfort as these absorb jerks, especially on the lower back pain area, knee…but the whole body as well. 

Leading footwear companies carryout continuous research and development on foot insoles and footwear, and bring new and technologically advanced products to the market; to name a few dominant footwear companies – Bata, Liberty, METRO, Relaxo, Lakhani, Red Chef, Sparx, Action, ASICS, Le Coq Sportif, Mizuno, VANS, Converse, Onitsuka Tiger, Clarks, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Puma, New Balance, Speedo (footwear), Martino, FootJoy Golf etc.

Wearing the right footwear plays an important role. Even if the footwear is hard, tight or uncomfortable, making use of foot insoles solves that problem; otherwise it can lead to ailments like lower back pain, harming/ spoiling of knee caps etc, and may lead a person going for treatment to an artificial limb center. 

Who should Wear Foot Insoles?

Any person can wear foot insoles for better care of the feet and the whole body, especially to avoid lower back pain. As above, the entire body’s weight and pressure falls on the feet. When we walk, jog, travel, or even sit on a chair, wearing foot insoles helps in comforting the foot, especially from jerks as at times a person tends to get up from chair suddenly, whether in office, getting on/off a car/ 2-wheeler or moving around in market etc. 

Foot insoles are a must especially for hard-soled footwear like formal shoes. It is like vehicle tyres with thin rubber tread and thick rubber tread. Tyres with thicker treads tend to be less jerky, less noisy, better for car parts/body components, and generally good for the whole vehicle. Similarly, good comfortable foot insoles make a comforting and less jerky impact on the whole body.  A person having lower back pain, knee problem etc should ideally wear good quality foot insoles. Those who are compelled to visit artificial limb center for treatment are often advised by Doctors to use ideal foot insoles. 

What makes Foot Insoles good?

Best brands and foot care companies manufacture foot insoles with best of material and design. They take into regard multiple aspects, such as size, age, usage such as for walks, trekking, sports etc. They make foot insoles for specific purposes. Orthocure chain of Clinics in Gurgaon stocks these best quality foot insoles. 

Advantages and Benefits of Foot Insoles

Some of the advantages and benefits of foot insoles are:

  • Less jerks on the whole body
  • Less toll on the foot, legs, knee, ligaments etc, thereby also avoiding lower back pain
  • Excellent for those with foot problems, such as flat-footedness 
  • Recommended for certain tedious Sports activities and exercises 
  • Make jogging or walking in park, market etc an enjoyable experience
  • Balances the shoes, especially formal or hard-soled shoes
  • It reduces pains or discomforts, especially for lower back pain
  • Hygienic – Foot insoles can be removed and washed for re-use
  • Avoidance of going to artificial limb center

Some Tips for Perfect Foot

Whenever a person buys new or next footwear, s/he should try to give importance to the comfort factor of the footwear. Even if the shoes are hard-soled, provision to place foot insoles should be there. Buying the right footwear size makes a difference too. Lower back pain is reduced by using foot insoles. 

Foot massages from time-to-time relax the muscles, nerves of the feet. The Doctors and Physiotherapists at Orthocure take every precaution and measure to ensure that the foot working system remains fine. Some of the foot related treatments are also undertaken by the experienced French Chiropractor in Orthocure. So make sure to take care that will lead to avoidance of going to an artificial limb center. 

Where to Get Best Foot Insoles?

As above, each of the Orthocure clinics in Gurgaon is well stocked with best foot insoles of different sizes to fit any particular requirement related to feet or related ailments. Wearing foot insoles can avoid back pain treatment in future. Along with providing the best foot insoles, Orthocure also uses the best physiotherapy and overall physical wellness equipment – MedX USA.

Where to get treatment for foot-related pains or lower back pain treatment?

Foot, knee, leg, foot treatments are carried out at the Orthocure chain of Clinics in Gurgaon. For a FREE consultation, please call at +91 – 9821451214.

Post Pregnancy – Back, Sciatica, Cervical & Hand Pains

The Post Pregnancy Period

Post pregnancy care is advised for all for healing, and bringing back the mental and physical (health) condition back to normal as early as possible. The body post pregnancy has new changes. The first month is particularly important for physical condition post pregnancy coming back to normalcy in a natural way. Doctors like at Orthocure chain of clinics in Gurgaon, specialize in advisory and care of post pregnancy. Orthocure Doctors help adjust the condition rapidly. The entire process of recovery post pregnancy is done in a very consultative, friendly and mutually acceptable treatment sessions way. The Doctors at Orthocure do not compromise on any of the aspects and delve very deep into the treatment as every mental and physical condition of every person is different and unique. Everyone undergoes her own distinctive experience.

The Physical Condition Post Pregnancy – Some Pains that happen commonly

As above, every person undergoes her unique experience, which is specific to her, which has particular and specific strings attached to any ailment or pains associated with the post pregnancy period. The mental and physical status / condition change. To mention, some of the ailments of pains post pregnancy, are:

  • Back pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica related
  • Cervical pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Some Basics about Back Pain Post Pregnancy

The hormones are disturbed post pregnancy. Feeling physically and mentally drained out is but common. Some complain about from minor to acute back pains post pregnancy. The Doctors at Orthocure chain of clinics in Gurgaon pay special attention to every minute detail of the patient, as each patient is unique with own set of experiences, complaints and recovery patterns. A Doctor has to be extremely careful and watchful in addressing any situation / condition. One has to take heed of past health reports, any allergies etc into account as well.

The back takes a heavy toll during and/or post pregnancy. Depending on individual patient cases, pressure and musculoskeletal disturbance come into play post pregnancy. A few cases can even result in disorders and these take their own time in complete recovery over a lengthened treatment period.

Addressing Lower Back Pain Post Pregnancy

Attending to lower back pain post pregnancy needs to be handled with extreme care. Doctors at the Orthocure chain of Clinics in Gurgaon supervise and oversee every aspect involved in the recovery process in consultative sessions. The well-known and highly reputed Orthocure clinics have specialized medical equipments like MedX USA, related to lower back pain treatment to kill lower back pain and have complete revival / normalcy.

Be Careful about Sciatica-related Problems

Sciatica is an ailment related to pain in the back, hip and the surrounding areas. Sciatica happens due to squeezing, compression or blockage in the spinal nerve root in the lower back. Spinal nerve system is critical as it carries motor, signal and autonomic signals – an interface between the spinal cord and the body. Post pregnancy / after delivery, this can be disturbed and can cause pain. Orthocure takes care of sciatica related problems of patients. Generally, post pregnancy there is almost automatic recovery, but some patients complain about prolonged and continued pain and show symptoms of suffering in the back and lower back, hip and/ or other surrounding areas. Doctors at Orthocure take care of just this typical pain area and get a quicker mending of such ailments.

Handling Cervical Pain Post Pregnancy

Cervical pain happens when there is physical dysfunction or malfunction around the neck area. At times, for many patients the neck begins acting up post pregnancy and can cause severe pain even in the surrounding areas of the neck. Post pregnancy, many complain about this. The highly qualified and experienced Doctors at Orthocure chain of clinics in Gurgaon cure this ailment / pain naturally over personalized consultative sessions. The medical history of the patient is taken in account, if needed.

The care in the first few weeks post pregnancy, related to cervical pain has to be addressed with utmost attention. If cervical pain is not attended to, it can lead to headaches and/or irritability in patients.  Importantly, if not diagnosed and treated, it can take months for the pain to diminish. Doing basic activities like looking around can become a challenge.

Taking Care of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Post pregnancy, some feel nervousness or stressed around the wrist, arm and/ or hand area. Some patients feel as if their nerves are being pressured in the wrist area, or numbness sets in around the wrist. This must be attended to otherwise it can also lead to cause collateral damage, such as tension, uneasiness, influence on nerves etc.

Where to get these Treatments related to Post Pregnancy Period

The highly respected and esteemed specialty Orthocure chain of clinics in Gurgaon are pioneers in the treatment related to post pregnancy ailments and pains, especially back pain treatment, lower back pain, sciatica treatment, cervical pain treatment, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and so forth. For more information, get in touch with any of the Orthocure clinics and set a FREE face-to-face consultative appointment / briefing by calling at +91 – 9821451214.

Who Should Treat Your Back Pain?

Some Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is common, and is found and reported by many people. The causes of back pain are mainly due to bad sitting posture ignoring the back, bad routine habits, excessive weight, avoidance and negligence about proper care about the back, over straining in sport and other activities, swellings, nature of work and its burden, bad sleeping position, inappropriate pillow / mattress, prolonged sitting at study or office desk, lack of exercise, sitting in an awkward positioning while watching TV for long hours, muscle / ligament tear, improper lifting and so forth. Orthocure helps you from recovering from back pain with proper back pain treatment.

Some basic symptoms of serious back pain are:

  • Inability to get up from chair, bed etc
  • Inability to do some basic physical actions like climbing stairs, walking etc.
  • Experiencing constant back pain in normal activities such as lifting a pile of books
  • Coming across back cramps, muscle spasms or back muscle ache
  • Swelling or buldge in the hind (back)
  • Ligament strain or skeletal irregularity
  • Improper body posture resulting in back pain
  • Over weight causing back pain
  • Accidental, travel, slipping, injury etc causing back pain

Who Can Spot the Cause Best and Accurately about the Back Pain?

A Doctor / Therapist / Chiropractor can advise best on any ailment or discomfort related to the back. The Orthocure group of Clinics, have the best team of Doctors, Therapists, Chiropractors and Therapists. They are highly qualified, experienced, seasoned, and among the best in the medical fraternity. They have attended to and cured thousands of patients over decades.

Where Can a Patient Reach for the Best Back Pain Treatment?

Orthocure Healthcare has the best qualified team of Doctors, Therapists and Chiropractors who have a history record of best specialized and focused back pain related treatments and cure.  The result of back pain treatment and cure are the highest at Orthocure. The Orthocure Doctors’ Team provide accurate cause of back pain, and precise treatment and cure and post-cure steps for it.

Where to get in touch for Back Pain Treatment and Cure?

For tips on gradual and natural improvement towards back care, self-care post treatment etc, Orthocure is the best group of Clinics destination. A patient can get the best treatment and cure for all back related ailments with qualified Specialists / Therapists / Chiropractors / Doctors at any one of the Orthocure Clinics in Gurgaon. Orthocure Clinics have the latest and advanced diagnosis systems and instruments, under a very friendly and comfortable ambiance.

For a FREE basic consultation on back pain, immediate back pain relief, and for directions to any of Orthocure’s conveniently located Clinics in Gurgaon, please CLICK HEREFor instant response to pain problem or an immediate appointment, please call at 9821451214.

Impact of Changing Lifestyle on Back, Spine, Neck etc

Why is Back, Neck, Spine etc Care Important?

The awareness about back, neck, spine etc and the muscle/ bone care is more important than one can imagine. It may be the most ignored body part for many. It cannot be ignored, taken for granted or taken lightly.  The back is an important link to your whole body system, nerves, muscles, in supporting the patient’s weight balance, keeping upright posture etc coordinating and interfacing between both the upper and lower halves of the body.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back, Spine, Neck Pain With Chiropractor in Gurgaon

In the earlier times, back, neck, spine pain and related ailments were not as common as now as they are now. Today, even some children complain about back pains, backaches etc, which may be the result of study pressure, less of sports activities, longs hours of sitting on the study-table or TV coach, unsuitable eating habits, obesity / overweight etc.

Chiropractic therapy treatment comes more prominently into play when a person is lost or confused in his/her concern for back, neck, spine etc pain. Being negligent can lead to severity of problem in future. A Doctor, surgeon or Chiropractor in Gurgaon would give advice on how to maintain a healthy back, spine, neck.

Doctors, surgeons and Chiropractors not only do back pain treatment and also neck pain treatment but also ailments related to back, spine, neck etc but also repeatedly keep patients and everyone informed about the good health maintenance, habits and best practices. When one is physically fit, the mind works much better as well.

Basic Dos and Don’ts to Keep a Healthy Back, Neck, Spine and the Posture

Some of the Dos are:

  • Your seat and sitting position is vital. An appropriate/ ergonomic chair is important e.g. in office, study, living room etc
  • An appropriate pillow and bed mattress helps in keeping a fit back, and keeps overall body posture good
  • Performing certain Yoga exercises specific to the different part of the bodies, under advice is highly beneficial. Note that a specific set of Yoga exercises or postures can be centered and for certain part of the body
  • Ensure the right table-position that makes you less stressed. Ergonomic chairs, tables, lighting etc play a role
  • Try to exercise, walk, jog, play a sport or activity of liking, for at least half an hour daily, if not an hour
  • Walk with a straight posture. Do a slight warm-up before exercise
  • Maintain a balanced diet, Keep a tab on weight
  • Drink water and stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle when possible
  • Climb up / down a few lower level stairs rather than using elevators and lifts
  • Sleep well in the appropriate sleeping position suitable for the back and overall body
  • Wear comfortable footwear especially for long walks, jogging, sports, shopping, travel etc.
  • Gentle massages from time-to-time relaxes the back and keeps the nerves, muscles etc working optimally in tandem

Some of the Donts are:

  • Do not sit on a chair that is uncomfortable especially for long duration of time, like in office, or a job that is too desk-bound. Go to drink water intermittently
  • Avoid sitting at a stretch for long hours. Take breaks, walk a bit, take a quick walk and come back to your desk
  • Do not drink cold or chilled water as a habit. Avoid drinking too much of chilled beverages, this affects the bones in the long run
  • Avoid smoking, excessive or habitual / consistent drinking etc
  • Avoid walking or jogging on very hard surfaces like street roads, hard pavements etc which takes a toll on the knee, muscles etc. Try going to a park, playground or the soft side of the road
  • Avoid wearing hard soled shoes especially for walks, jogging, sports etc

Some Signs of a Healthy Back, Neck, Spine etc are:


  • A person is able to get up from his/her chair, bed etc relatively easily
  • A person rarely ever gets neck, back, etc stiffness
  • A person is able to bend forward and reach quite close to his/her knees
  • A person is never stressed especially in quick movement, the back, neck muscles are reflective
  • A person feels no neck, shoulder and back strain in any activity

For more tips on a managing back, spine, neck etc pain, or for more information and a FREE basic consultation, please CLICK HERE. For directions to any of our conveniently located Clinics in Gurgaon, please CLICK HEREFor any urgency or an appointment, please call at 9821451214.

Sleeping positions in back pain

Are u suffering from Back pain? Are u having disrupted sleep at night and taking painkiller to sleep at ease? The cause of a bad back could primarily be connected to your sleeping posture. The stress & strain your body derives the wrong sleeping posture is the most common cause of the back pain. The wrong sleeping positions not only act as a hurdle in the recovery of your existing back pain, but they also tend to increase the pain and discomfort.

Here, we will try to focus on proper sleeping positions for the people who have back pain and for those who want to prevent it. Any sleeping position you are comfortable with whether it is lying on your back i.e. supine, lying on your sides or lying on your stomach i.e. prone has its own effects but one simple thing can make these positions ergonomically better and that is PILLOWS!!

Pillow placement while sleeping is very important as they negate the effect of gravity that is acting on the body whole night thus maintaining the proper alignment of the spine and internal organs that in turn relieves back pain and morning stiffness.

We recommend you to try these sleeping positions to eliminate your bad back pain.

  • Sleeping on your back i.e. supine with a pillow under your knees and your neck.

For some people, sleeping on their back may be the best position to relieve back pain:

  • You have to lie flat on your back with one pillow under your neck, remember shoulders should not be on the pillow maintaining your neck alignment with your body i.e. neck neither too much upwards from the rest of the body nor downwards.
  • Place a pillow underneath your knees that will keep your spine neutral.
  • You may also place a small, rolled up towel under the small of your back for additional support.
  • Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees.

If lying flat on the bed isn’t comfortable, then switch to the sides:

  • Allow your left or right shoulder to make contact with the mattress, along with the remaining side of the body, and place your pillow under your neck. Do not put shoulders on the pillow; maintaining neck alignment with body is important. Your neck should neither be too downward nor too upwards; rather it needs to be in proper alignment with the rest of your body.
  • Placing the pillow between the knees can eliminate pain.
  • Consider using an extra pillow to fill the gap between the mattress and your body.
  • This position is relaxing and comfortable. It the same way you stand when your legs are on a neutral distance. Our aim for this is to achieve the same result to eliminate the pain and provide your body with the right alignment to sleep. Hence, deload your spine.

Keep your pillow under your abdomen, while sleeping on your stomach

Yes, sleeping on your stomach is bad for your back pain as it adds stress on your neck but the statement is partially correct because when you sleep on your stomach, you find it the best sleeping position without adding force to your body from another position.

  • To eliminate some pressure from your back place a pillow under your abdomen and pelvis.
  • Depending on the position, how comfortable it is? You can decide to use a pillow under your head or not.
  • People suffering from degenerative disc disease can take the benefit of sleeping with a pillow under their abdomen as it will alleviate the stress, which is placed between the discs.

Points to remember-

  • Always bring your complete body together when you switch the sides and also keep your core tight. Bringing knees towards the chest can also be helpful as it’ll distribute the body’s weight on the spine. Hence, putting less stress on the back.
  • For pain relief use an ice or a cold gel pack for maximum 15 minutes before sleeping. It may help reduce inflammation in your back and relieve pain.
  • Use a firm or medium-firm mattress made with good-quality innersprings or foam.
  • Pillow should hold your neck and head to provide support to your neck. If you choose to sleep on your back, then your pillow should fill the space between the mattress and neck. If sleeping on the sides, employ a thicker pillow to help you in the support, but remember, it should only support your neck and not your shoulders.


In the wake of the global pandemic, Corona Virus AKA COVID-19 Prime Minister Modi has requested everyone to do social distancing. Many of the companies already asked their employees before his speech on 19th March 2020 to work from home.

After his speech, many more companies joined in the ‘work from home strategy’ to prevent this communicable disease.

There’s a lot of benefits that come with working from home for employees and the companies too. While companies save their money for electricity, snacks & other facilities, you get to choose your hours, you do not have to sit in traffic each day, and don’t need to think about what outfit has to wore that day to the office.

However, with these advantages come some drawbacks.

One such drawback that you may experience as the result of working from home is poor posture. Poor posture can lead to some long-term health complications, and yet most of us don’t even realize when we have poor posture

If left untreated, the pain you carry with you can develop into chronic ailments that are difficult to treat, and even harder to live with.

If you want to improve your posture and avoid these health problems, here’s what you need to do


1. Avoid the bed 

Of course, everyone enjoys working on a laptop in the comfort of the bed but after a while, their neck and back start paining. After, a little bit of adjustment you again go back to work. But this cycle keeps repeating and at the end of the day it feels very tiring and neck and back muscles start paining a lot. Now, even if you want to use the chair and table, your neck and back muscles give up as they become weak.

So, the best thing to do is to avoid working from bed.

2. Makeshift Ergonomic Workspace

If you have a desktop at home with a docking station, well & good! however, most of us nowadays at home use a laptop. The laptop is a very good choice if you want to use it for a short period but using it for a longer period can result in chronic neck &back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

Now when you are working from home due to Corona Virus for longer periods, the best thing to do is to get an ergonomic keyboard and mouse with wrist support. A commercial riser is very important so that your eyes level with the top of the screen and neck pain can be avoided. The arms should be angled slightly downwards when you are typing, the best solution is to buy a keyboard tray so that the keyboard is kept under the tabletop or an adjustable chair. Whatever you want to use frequently like your cell phone, notebook, headphones, etc should be kept well within the limits of your arm length.

An adjustable chair is very important so that you don’t have any knee pain at the end of the day as your feet touch the floor and eyes level with the top of the screen. The armrest should be such that you can type while your arms are slightly downwards. Also, please use back support on the chair if you already have a weak back. People with knee problems can use a footrest.
The best way to check if your makeshift workspace is perfect, extend one arm horizontally and you will notice you touch your center of the laptop screen while its place on the riser. While sitting thighs will be horizontal and knees are at right angles when seated.

3. Take care of your eyes

An average person blinks 18 times in a minute which releases a teardrop and lubricates the eyes. But while looking at a screen for a long period you do less than 9 times resulting in dry irritated eyes & eye fatigue.

The simplest solution that is prescribed in ophthalmology is ‘20-20-20’. After every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away and blink 20 times. And, please take a break after a marathon session with your laptop, after all, you are in your home.


4. Take a Break

Give Yourself Movement Breaks. One of the crucial reasons why desk work is tied to back pain and chronic disease is because it limits the amount of movement required for better health

To reduce the health risks of sedentary work, it’s important to make time for scheduled breaks and perform good posture exercises throughout the day. Stretching overhead and opening up your chest and back can counteract slouching. A brisk walk around the room can help boost circulation and energy.


5.Practice Neutral Posture

Despite an efficient workspace, you still risk of pain in the back and neck if you do not take care of your posture. Neutral posture means that the key joints especially the spine of a person’s body are correctly aligned and supported by the right amount of muscle tension.

6. Enjoy Exercise

It takes a little effort to go to your office and come back. This is the effect that gives you a little exercise that your body needs. But with Corona Virus lockdown and you just sitting and working from home even that exercise is cut down from your lifestyle which can lead to chronic musculoskeletal ailments.

A little exercise is always good. The following exercises should be done at least every 6 hours to avoid pain in the body and feeling refreshed


  • Stretches: You should stretch your neck bending it forwards and backward 3 times slowly. For back raise your hands then go back as much as you can and then touch your knee. After that do cobra pose for your lower back.
  • Turning: Keep your knee width shoulder apart and turn your neck sideways for 3 times.
    Rotate your right ankle so that your left ankle is forward-facing and your right ankle is facing right. Raise your hands at the level of your shoulder with palms facing the floor. Turn your head towards your left hand and tour right toe. Similarly, touch your left toe.
  • Strengthening: Strengthening Exercises are needed to help your core muscles develop the capacity to withstand excess pressure if needed. Many people think that stretches are enough but if not clubbed with strengthening exercises, people may develop back & neck ache. There are just five basic strengthening exercises  that can get you through challenging times which are wall push-ups, pull-ups (using Therabands are recommended), lifting something heavy every day and squats.

7. Prevention is always better than cure.

Yes, defeating Corona Virus and sedentary lifestyle diseases have the same strategy, ‘Prevention is better than cure. Overuse of the muscles through repeated movements can put stress on your body, causing a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).  Unfortunately, work from home job requires that we perform repetitive motions to fulfill our duties like constant typing, clicking on the mouse, etc. For this reason, RSIs are the most common type of injury found in the ‘work from home offices’.

According to studies, any symptoms of musculoskeletal disorder shows only after your body has adjusted itself till 90% of its adaptive capability meaning that if you have back pain, then initially your body will help the back with the supporting muscles and you will not know pain until the core muscles become 90% weak to feel pain.

Detection becomes very important to prevent any kind of irreversible chronic disorder. Based on the intensity of pain you will be able to detect the injury:

  • Early: At this stage, the body aches but after work aches and fatigue disappears. These injuries can be easily healed if given proper attention. At Orthocure have we have MedX therapy & Doctor of Chiropractic who can help by strengthening the core muscles and doing structural correction respectively.
  • Intermediate: At this stage, the pain area aches even after work and we can deal this using medicines, advanced physiotherapy and chiropractic adjustments for pain relief and strengthening of supporting muscles.
  • Advanced: The pain area will ache and feel weak, even at rest or when you are asleep. Even light duties like standing for 10 minutes will be difficult. Yes, it is still possible to recover but for the body to come to this stage takes around 3- 6 months and the same amount of time is required to healing the body, strengthening and structurally correct it.

The best thing is to acknowledge warning signs as early as possible and do something

about it!


If you feel that you have any concerns please feel free to call us and make an appointment.


Sciatica (pain along the large sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back down to the foot) is a relatively common form of low back and leg pain. If you are suffering and need Sciatics pain treatment, you need to undertand the cause of the pain and what Sciatica is! Lets first get an insight into Sciatica and understand how Chiropractor in Gurgaon can help you ease this issue. Sciatica is usually caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve from a herniated or bulging disc. Discs act as cushions or shock absorbers between spinal vertebrae. These discs also create proper spacing for pairs of nerves to exit the spine and connect to different parts of the body. The outer wall of the disc is made up of cartilage, while the centre is jelly-like. Due to trauma or repetitive wear and tear, the inner disc material can leak out, pushing and inflaming the sciatic nerve where it exits the spine. Other factors causing compression of the sciatic nerve include: arthritic bone spurs, muscles, thinning of the discs, or misaligned vertebrae.

For some people, the pain from sciatica can be severe and debilitating. For others, the pain might be infrequent and just irritating. One or more of the following may occur as a result of sciatica: burning, tingling or shooting pain, weakness, and a decrease in sensation in the buttocks, leg, and/or foot.

While sciatica and disc disease can be serious and ultimately require surgery, a great majority of cases can be successfully treated through Chiropractic care. Chiropractors are specially trained to detect and remove spinal nerve irritation by way of spinal adjustments and decompression technologies.  The approach should be: Chiropractic first, risky drugs second, and surgery last. Drugs have side effects, and surgery yields mixed results. Chiropractic is safe, gentle, and highly effective.

5 Moves To Maintain A Stronger Back

We all know how miserable back pains can be. Every movement our body makes will need your back in some way or the other; hence a back pain or discomfort can challenge our routine and life in general. According to researches, certain exercises strengthen the back muscle can help prevent or alleviate lower back pain. With the help of physiotherapy exercises, we do back pain treatment. Exercise also strengthens the legs and arm muscles. Regular exercises lead to increased blood flow to the lower back area, which can reduce stiffness. We have put together a list of 5 back moves you can do for your overall strength and performance.

Before that, you need to understand that primary muscles in the back include.

  • Lats, located in the area below the armpits
  • Traps, from neck to mid-back
  • Rhomboids, mid-upper back
  • Erector spine, muscles that run along our spine

All the exercises mentioned below target these muscles and help strengthen them and slow depreciation that comes with age.


5 to 10 minutes of cardio can get your blood pumping and will start to awaken the muscles. After this, 5 minutes of stretching sequence will prepare your back for exercises. Please keep in mind that in case these moves cause you pain, you should stop what you are doing and rest. You may consult with the best orthopedic doctor in Gurgaon if this pain is consistent or targets a specific area.


The bridge strengthens your low back and hip muscles, helping stabilize your spine. To perform Bridges:

  • Lay down on your back and keep your arms by your side.
  • Knees should be bent, and feet should be flat on the floor.
  • After this, slowly raise your hips off the floor while contracting your Glutes (buttocks) and your Hamstrings.
  • Hold for 5 seconds and release.
  • Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Knee to Chest stretches

This exercise can help elongate the lower back and relieves tension and pain. For your safety, start doing this exercise with one leg only. If, after a few days, you are able to perform it without pain, you can move ahead by lifting both the legs. To perform:

  • Lie down on your back
  • Bend knees while keeping both feet flat on the ground
  • Use both hands to pull one knee in toward the chest.
  • Hold it for 5 seconds, keeping the abdominals tight and pressing the spine into the floor.
  • Return your leg to the floor.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Repeat with each leg 5-7 times daily.

Lying Lateral leg lifts

This exercise works on the hip abductor muscles. These muscles support the pelvis and can also reduce the strain on the back. Side leg raises work the glutes, hips, and thighs. They can be done standing up or lying down. To perform:

  • Lie on one side with legs together.
  • Put lower led slightly bend
  • Draw the belly button into the spine to engage the core muscles.
  • Raise the top leg about 20 inches, keeping it straight and extended.
  • Hold the position for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Turn onto the other side of the body and repeat, lifting the other leg.
  • Perform 2 sets on each side. 

Partial curls

Strong abdominal muscles play a vital role in supporting the spine and can also help keep the hips properly aligned. Weak abdominals can result in poor core strength and lack of stability. Curls and partial curls help build a stronger back. To perform:

  • Lie back on the floor and bend the knees, keeping the feet flat and hip-width apart.
  • Cross your arms loosely over chest
  • Tighten your abdomen and curl halfway up, keeping your head in line with your shoulders.
  • Hold for 3 seconds. Uncurl to lie down.
  • Repeat 2 sets of 5 routines.


Hitting the core (including lower back), Supermans is deceivingly hard. Weak back extensors can reduce spinal and pelvic support but doing this exercise can help. To perform:

  • Lie face down on an exercise mat with your toes pointed down and your forehead on the floor.
  • Bring your arms straight out in front of you with your palms on the floor
  • Engaging your back and hamstrings, lift your hands and feet a few inches off the ground.
  • Repeat 10 times, holding for 5 seconds each time.

Performing exercises helps in preventing injuries, increase stability and provide more flexibility to the body. People with back pains should always pay attention to their postures while sitting etc. and also on how they carry heavy objects, to identify movements that can lead to more pain. Anyone with back pain can try gentle stretches and exercises but should be careful if there is discomfort or pain, in which case its best to consult an Orthopaedist for back pain treatment.

At Orthocure, we believe in treating your issues from the root with an integrated treatment that includes intuitive diagnostics, pain relief and treatment of the root cause. Coupled with good postural habits, you are able to see visible results in a short span of time. If you are looking for an Orthopaedic Doctor, come; find an Orthopaedic Clinic near you. With four centers in Gurgaon, we are not too far from you!

5 Shocking Ways Smartphones Affect Your Health & Well Being

With the advent of advanced technology, there is a continuous growth in the number of mobile users. In India, more than 50 crore people are using smartphones. In 2020, the number of global smartphone users is projected to total 3.5 billion, which is approximately 9.3 percent increase from 2019.

In this digital era, need smartphones at work, for learning and also to maintain a social life. However, too much of anything, they say, is not good. Say. For example, too many chocolates can expedite diabetes, or too much salt can lead to blood pressure issues. Similarly, too much use of cell phones also causes a range of health problems. In this blog, we highlight some damaging health effects caused by excessive use of smartphones:

Musculoskeletal Problems

The excessive use of smartphones can cause back problems. These days even young people experience back pain issues, many due to excessive smartphone use.These back pain issues can be resolved by back pain treatment. Based on a study, approximately 45 % of young people between the age of 16 and 25 years face musculoskeletal problems. Moreover, excessive use of smartphones can also cause “text claw,” a typical pain in the muscle of fingers and wrists.

Nerve Damage

A recent study revealed that the overuse of smartphones develops “occipital neuralgia.” In this neurological condition, nerves that link your head and spine are either inflamed or compressed.

Weight Gain

If you tend to spend hours on smartphones, of course, you also miss on your physical activities or exercises. Over a period, this leads to more inactivity and can add to your weight gain. As smartphones are becoming a vital part of work life and the preferred source of entertainment, it is changing the way we live. According to a study, a person who uses smartphones for more than five hours a day is at risk of obesity and heart diseases. Weight gain by itself can cause a range of muscle and bone issues, a common one being knee pain. Your knees hold your weight, hence any additional weight you carry around will affect the knees. We provide proper knee pain treatment at our clinic.

Vision Problems

Normally, we blink 15 times per minute, but this decreases when we stare at our smartphones more often. As we spend more time on these small screens, our facial and shoulder muscles tighten, eyes get tired, and vision can be blurred. Excessive use of smartphones can also lead to retinal damage or muscular degeneration in the eye.

Sleep deprivation

According to the latest study, three- fourths of the world’s population sleep either holding their smartphones, or having it next to them near the pillow or on their nightstand. In another study, researchers found that around 40 percent of teenagers sleep less than 7 hours a night. Smartphones emit blue light, which is a type of light that our brain interprets as daylight. This light suppresses melatonin (hormone that affects circadian rhythm and helps in sleeping), thus leading to sleep deprivation and irregular sleep cycles.

Apart from the above-mentioned issues, there are many other health problems related to excessive use of smartphones. It can cause stress and depression, poor concentration in work, violent behavior, decreased social interaction, etc. We need to limit the use of smartphones. People who work on desks or spend more time sitting should raise their screens to eye height. While working, try to take frequent breaks to get up and keep your body correctly aligned. Just a few daily adjustments can go toward improving pain, postural, and other health issues.

Orthocure is an Orthopaedic clinic in Gurgaon that offers an integrated approach to treatment of bones muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. With the best Orthopaedic Doctors on board in our 4 centers in Gurgaon, our treatments also involve the only Chiropratic in the millennial city alongside a range of physiotherapists. If you live in Gurgaon, we are not far from you. Spread across the city, we have our clinics in Sec 14, Sec 40, Nirvana Country and Golf Course Road. Browse our exact locations here at

Is Your Lifestyle Hurting You?

Parents are always telling their children to sit up straight, and not to slouch.  Good posture evokes a sense of confidence, youth, and beauty.  But did you know that studies show poor posture to be related to an increased incidence of disease and death?  It’s true!


Dr. Henry Winsor was the first to publish this kind of study.  He autopsied 50 cadavers and found 139 diseased organs.  Each of these organs was traced back via its nerve supply to a spinal curve distortion, most of these being minor spinal misalignments (also known as subluxations). 


More recently, Dr. Kado published a study in the Journal of Geriatrics that correlated accentuated mid-back curves with an increased death rate and increased incidence of heart disease.  


Posture is now the number one predictor of early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  90% of the information to the brain every day comes from our posture.  In other words, the sense of where our body is in space called proprioception.  If this information is poor, caused by bad posture, our brain cells start dying at a rate of two square centimeters per year. 


These studies support long-standing chiropractic principles.  Our health is directly related to proper alignment and motion of the spine.  There are three parts of our spine, the neck (cervical), mid-back (thoracic), and low back (lumbar). The neck and low back have a reverse c-shape called a lordosis, while the mid-back has a c-shaped curve called a kyphosis.  These normal spinal curves must be maintained within normal ranges.  Poor posture is one of the things that alter the proper shape of our spine, leading to more strain and pressure on our spinal joints.  The result is irritation and pressure on spinal nerves as they exit the vertebral column, which creates a reduction in nerve flow and blood supply to the various organs where that nerve goes.  This leads to eventual dysfunction and disease.  Not only at the spinal level in the form of spinal decay leading to arthritis, but also at the vital organ level.  Any diseases may be linked to spinal subluxations.  For example, the most common postural faults occur at the upper back and base of the neck.  These areas connect neurologically with the heart and lungs.  Subluxations in these areas can lead to premature cardiopulmonary disease and death.


Poor posture has become an epidemic.  We are constantly sitting in front of our laptops and computers.  Sitting is thought to be the new “smoking”.  And “text neck”, caused by constantly looking down at our cell phones is leading to degenerative changes in our neck in young teens and adults today. 


Chiropractors are specially trained to correct postural distortions and remove nervous system interference before it leads to disease.  They perform computerized and other posture analysis along with x-rays and a thorough spinal examination to evaluate one’s posture.  They then perform specialized treatment, known as spinal adjustments, along with recommending exercises and orthopedic devices that begin to restore one’s natural posture.  As this happens, the amount of stress hormone in the body decreases, muscle tone improves and neurological improvements are noted.  As this happens, our overall health and vitality improve.


Preventative medicine is the best medicine.  Everyone should visit a chiropractor regularly for spinal “tune-ups”.  Maintenance prolongs life.    We do it for a car so why not for ourselves?  And remember, sit up straight, it could save your life!


Dr. Vikas Puri 

B.Sc., D.C, Toronto, Canada

President and Co-Founder of Intelligent Health Group.

Orthocure Clinic Welcomes Finest Chiropractor in Gurgaon & India

At Orthocure Clinics, we are proud to offer Chiropractic Care.Chiropractors are exclusive to Orthocure Clinics in Gurgaon. We are only one of less than a dozen chiropractic clinics across India, and the only one with multidisciplinary health team consisting of orthopaedic specialists, advanced physiotherapists and Chiropractors working in synergy as a team to ensure you get the best results possible.  Our Chiropractors are foreign doctors from Europe and North America.  They bring a vast array of unique and innovative methods with them that ensure successful outcomes.   To ensure excellence in execution and clinical outcomes, Orthocure is partnered with Intelligent Health Group, a Canadian based Chiropractic and multi-disciplinary group to ensure our protocols are cutting edge and yield success

What is a chiropractor?

A Doctor of Chiropractic is neuromusculoskeletal specialist with specialization in spinal disorders who treats the patient using advanced chiropractic adjustments either manually or with a chiropractic adjuster.

Chiropractic Health Care is a practice that dates to 125 years.  It was discovered after a deaf man began to hear after treatment to his neck!

Chiropractors go through a great deal of education and training to get their Doctor of Chiropractor degree.  This education involves a 4-years program including residency after a 3-4-years university program.

How can a chiropractor help you?

Physical, chemical and emotional stresses build up in the human body and manifest in the spine as an area of extreme tension and stress, this is called vertebral subluxation complex (VSC).  This is where joints in our spine lose their normal movement and alignment, creating abnormal pressure on the nerve that exits that level and initiates stress hormone, cortisol, to be released into our body. The weight equivalent to that of a small coin on a nerve can reduce the nerves flow by 60%!  If the joint has locked out of proper alignment, nerve flow from the brain, down the spine, out to the organs and body will be reduced, and our health decreases.  High cortisol levels, shut down our immune system, gastrointestinal system, and reproductive systems first, followed by other body systems causing sickness, pain and other symptoms.   If the brain communicates better with the rest of the body and gives it proper instruction as it is designed to, your body works better!  It is the secret to improving every aspect of your health and well-being.

There is a tremendous amount of research proving chiropractic improves every aspect of your health, by increasing the nervous system function.

How does a chiropractor treat a patient?

Chiropractors are specially trained to diagnose and treat all nerve, muscle, tissue, and joint problems arising from the spine.  This is done through a highly specific, safe and effective treatment called the “chiropractic adjustment”.   The adjustment is a gentle yet specific movement into a spinal joint that has lost its normal motion. Treatments can be done through mechanical instruments or by hand.  The chiropractic treatment is unlike any other and can only be done with extensive training.  Unfortunately, patients will not know that they have subluxations as they are often painless.  Only when the body can no longer cope, symptoms begin to get noticed.

Chiropractic is useful for pain relief and wellness care.  It is both curative and preventive.  As dental checkups and cleaning are necessary for the prevention of tooth decay, regular, periodic adjustments prevent spinal decay.  Everyone with a spine needs chiropractic.

What are the conditions treated by a chiropractor?

Chiropractors are known best for treating

  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Ankle Injury
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal disorders
  • Orthopaedic problems
  • Radiating pain…etc.

However, the benefits of care have a global effect, improving your overall health by enhancing your nervous system function.

Why choose Orthocure Clinic for getting treated by a Chiropractor in Gurgaon & India?

As of this moment we are the only facility to provide genuine chiropractor in Gurgaon.

Orthocure is the only multidisciplinary clinic of its kind in India, where Orthopedic specialists and advanced physiotherapists work alongside Doctor of Chiropractic.

For an appointment with the chiropractor please fill this form




Winters are around the corner, bringing relief from the scorching hot summers and leading towards this year’s festive season. The festive season starts with Dusshera & Diwali and continues till Christmas & New Year’s Eve. Most people have various events and activities to plan during this time which requires a lot of recreational work like cleaning the house, office, new decoration, etc. All these activities require a lot of physical work like lifting heavy bags, moving furniture, continuously moving upstairs and downstairs, etc. All these strenuous activities most of the times result in physical stress and end up in chronic aches and pains. These activities also make people prone to muscle injuries, joint pains, and physical wear and tear. Most people ignore the initial symptoms which result in chronic pain and injuries sometimes resulting in minor or major surgeries.

Orthocure Clinics provides a range of services in physiotherapy which not only answers to most of these problems but also advice on how to avoid such physical stress in day to day basis.  Our Physical Therapist Dr. Meenal Sharma talks about how cold weather impacts your joints and muscle pain and how to address it on a day to day basis. A snapshot of the interview with Dr. Meenal Sharma is provided below:


Is it common to feel aches and pains?

Dr. Meenal Sharma- First of all, to address aches and pain we need to focus more on the causes of such pains. One of the major causes of such pains is the wrong posture for carrying out day to day activity. Most of the people in winters are packed with a lot of woolen clothes and they tend to clench themselves to preserve heat. However it is important to preserve the heat but

on the other hand, most people don’t understand that with a lot of clothes, people also need to correct their posture for day to day activity. In general, we observe people in winter hunched, shoulder raised, forward head, chin jotting, which results in the tightening of muscles, leading to cramps and pain. With the cold weather kicking in people also get a bit lazy and forget to undertake their regular exercises, leading to increased inactiveness. Aches and Pains only hit people who are more sedentary and don’t carry a good posture.




How does this occur?

Dr. Meenal Sharma- In winters, our joints have less elasticity and the blood supply to our muscles is also less than regular because of the cold environment overall. Besides, inactiveness adds on to muscular weakness and poor posture. To address this we have to keep our body warm and bring a regular movement of joints so that blood supply can be improved. Also, we need to regularly stretch our body and do exercises- both flexibility and strength training.

 Can winters results in weakness of muscles?

Dr. Meenal Sharma – Definitely YES!! But not because of its cold weather, although it is due to increased inactiveness resulting in muscle weakening. The more the movement of the muscle/joints the less will be the problems!! So the idea is to KEEP MOVING!


What type of exercises are helpful?

Dr. Meenal Sharma – Staying active in general is helpful. The problem is when it aches we tend to avoid exercises and move as little as possible. But you can avoid it by exercising. You can do any form of exercise which can be as simple as


  • Going for a regular WALK,
  • Taking staircases most of the times,
  • Doing some YOGA especially at night which can ease aches and pains and help you sleep better and in general, It is gentle and relaxing.
  • Be sure to STRETCH. Stretches are good to keep you warmed up. Now its time to recall the winter posture which I talked about previously! We have to just do the opposite of that in our stretch regime. A SIMPLE TECHNIQUE- Pulling your body up, lengthening your back, pulling belly muscles in, squeezing your shoulder blades a little bit together to try and maintain better posture. Be in each position for some time and it results in stretching as well!
  • STRENGTH training has to be done 3 times a week to keep your muscles strong. In the winters when the world is hibernating our bodies still have to be ACTIVE. The stronger your body is the healthier it will be and more likely you will overcome winter aches and pains.
  • General mobility Exercises like pumping of ankle and foot, squeezing of hands and making a fist and opening It for better circulation.
  • DRINK more of lukewarm water.
  • Do HOT FOMENTATION twice a day or even can have a bath with Epsom salt hot water to rush that blood flow and soothe your muscles and joints.
  • In case of any swelling still, COLD PACKS are applicable.
  • EAT LIGHT but some days can be cheat days too! You can have chocolates, cakes, watch Netflix, sit back and enjoy winters too!!
  • If you want to stick to an exercise program that boosts strength, increases flexibility and gives you a cardio workout, you can’t beat SWIMMING. It’s easy on your joints and limbs and gives you a full-body workout and stretches out your body relieving aches and pains.


Do I need to see a Doctor?

Dr. Meenal Sharma – Do try exercising for at least 15-20 days and be active. If these home remedies aren’t helping and the pain persists, then don’t confuse it with normal winter aches and pain and SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR.



Dr. Meenal Sharma

Physiotherapy Head and Senior Spine Therapist


How MEDX Work On Core Muscle Strengthening.

As we are talking about muscle strengthening the first question that comes in mind is “what is muscle strengthening and what does it do for me”. Strengthening exercise is technically known as “progressive resistance “exercise.For the Strengthening exercise to be effective, the amount of weight lifted must be sufficient to exhaust the muscle within a 60 to 90 seconds window of time. A muscle is exhausted when it reaches a point where it is momentarily unable to move the weight.

Exhausting the muscle triggers the strengthening process, which occurs over the next couple of days as the muscle recovers.  As the muscle gets stronger, the weight must be progressively increased to accommodate the muscle’s new level of strength; thus, the name “progressive resistance”.

There is often confusion on the speed of movement for strengthening exercises, but the research has proven that slow, deliberate speed is required to strengthen the entire muscle. Physics dictates: the faster the weight is moved the more momentum is created, as momentum builds less work is required of the muscle, thus reducing your results.  Rapid weight lifting or jerking weight is also what causes injury when performing strengthening exercise. Eliminate the speed and injuries are eliminated. The slow movement has added the benefit of producing faster results.


MedX is the abbreviation for Medical Exercise. Disorders and functional impairment of the spine represent the most common and costly problems of modern health care plans. Approximately 60-80% of the population suffers from temporary problems associated with the spine, while 20-30% suffers chronically.

Under the direction of Michael Pollock, the former president of the “American College of Medicine” in Gainesville and Vert Mooney, MD from the University of California at San Diego, 14 teams were involved in the technical implementation of the computer-based diagnostic and therapeutic procedure of MedX. The results of this research project were remarkable. Almost all patients with back pain demonstrated weaker deep back extensor muscles than healthy people. The lumbar extensors are primarily responsible for the stability of the spine.


Highlights of the MEDX Machines:The load movement or “Strength Curve” of the muscle is precisely calculated. The muscle remains above the tension threshold throughout the entire motion, from full stretch to complete contraction. This prevents and corrects intramuscular imbalances.

A two-dimensional motion is performed. “Wrong” movements are almost impossible and therefore the risk of injury is close to zero.

The isolation of the targeted muscles is accomplished through the padding, supports, and structure of the machines. These features make it easier to achieve a cross-sectional stimulus

Training on the machines does not require any coordination. The movement does not have to be “learned” allowing the trainee to be “productive” from the beginning.

The training progress achieved with the machines represents pure strength gains, not a mixture of strength and coordination gains.


This is where Medx therapy is beneficial

First, the muscles are tested to reveal any functional deficits the patient may have. Next, a program is developed for therapy and the treatment is documented to measure effectiveness. To perform a functional analysis of the spinal muscles, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • Isolation of the lumbar extensor muscles by pelvic fixation
  • Elimination of gravitational pull on the body and upper body mass
  • Measurement of soft tissue tension and the net muscle force
  • Isometric testing over the entire range of motion (ROM)
  • Muscle fiber typing by exhaustion reaction This extensive diagnosis provides the basis for the patient’s treatment plan. MedX therapy aims to restore the function of the spinal column in areas of strength, agility, and endurance.


MedX spinal strength testing is indicated for patients who meet any one of the following conditions;

1)    Back pain that has lasted longer than four weeks,

2)    No longer responding to conventional treatment,

3)  Recurrent episodes of back pain/disability or chronic low back pain.