1. Orthocure “RunFIT” Program for Runners 

This unique program by Orthocure, A sports physiotherapy & Injury clinic in Gurgaon will help the Runners & Players to get their whole body examined on these globally acclaimed machines. The examination would include the following tests:

  • Neck Muscle Strength test on Medical Exercise Machines from USA
  • Lower back Muscle Strength test on Medical Exercise Machines from USA
  • Computerised Foot Analysis on Footbalance machine from Finland
  • Runner’s knee diagnosis
  • Shoulder impingement test
  • Posture Analysis
  • Spinal Alignment Test & Correction- with special techniques from Chiropractics & Osteopathy and our Sports injury clinic in Gurgaon
  • Movement screening & training

This tests will help all the passionate runners & sports players to analyse their weaknesses & improve their performance on the field by avoiding any kind of injury. You can connect with us for any sports injury and enquire at our clinic in Gurgaon.


2. Orthocure “GolfFIT” Program for Golfers

“GolfFIT” Program is a unique improvement program for passionate Golfers to improve their on-field performance by Orthocure, a sports physiotherapy in Gurgaon. This program includes:


    1. Consultation-
      1. Assesment and golf specific screening
      2. Lower back Muscle Strength test on Medical Exercise Machines from USA
      3. Detailed Foot Analysis on FootBalance Machine from Finland
    2. Structural Correction– Through modified Chiropractics & Osteopathy
    3. Exercises-
      1. Golf specific essential stretching and strengthening along with any additional exercises for a tailor-made program.
      2. On-field warm-up exercises
      3. Dos and Donts for a better swing.

Don’t let poor alignment and avoidable repetitive stress injuries spoil your game. You can reach to us for sports physiotherapy, any time.


Special insoles for Golfers & Runners:

Misalignment in the feet and ankles affects overall body alignment forcing knee and hip outward, negatively affecting stability, stance and swing efficiency.

Body loading is incorrect causing unnecessary strain when you repeat the same motions over and over again. This can lead to pain, soft tissue damage and premature wear on the knees and hips. Feet tire faster when walking the course.

Foot balance insoles support your feet in proper alignment for better stability, balance and consistency in each round.

Proper foot and ankle alignment improves your stance. The feet form a more stable platform for superior course contact. Your body is free to carry out a full swing with better power transfer and increased efficiency. The unnecessary muscle strain, pain and wear on joints due to incorrect loading are reduced. Foot fatigue decreases. All this helps you improve consistency, overall endurance and enjoyment of each round.

Custom molded to your unique feet, Footbalance insoles customize your golf shoes for perfect fit, comfort and support.  In addition to FootBalance custom insoles, the therapy program may include manipulation, pain relief treatments, and customized rehabilitation and follow-up.

When you don’t have to worry about your feet – you can concentrate on your game!