Golden agers and the role of physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy plays an important role in providing overall care to our loving and beloved elders, and help them in leading an independent lifestyle.
  • Physiotherapy can help reduce pain, improve mobility, balance and strength, thereby making them more independent, happy and boosting their confidence.

Why physiotherapy at home

  • Changing lifestyles and the current COVID-19 pandemic is making regular visits to hospitals and clinics for physiotherapy a challenge.
  • In today’s digitally connected world, patients can get consultations at their homes by using WhatsApp audio/video call or other internet-based apps, such as Google Duo, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams. This is more convenient and time saving.
  • Education is an important part to achieve success in any treatment. Our Golden agers are taught ways to take care of themselves and protect them from injuries. This will help them feel better and enjoy higher quality of life.


Why Choose Us?

Customised care plans

Patient-centric approach

Save money and time

Experienced Physiotherapist

Who will benefit?

Our Golden agers who want to

  • Be more mobile.
  • Be confident in walking inside and outside the house.
  • Reduce and manage pain so that they perform their day-to-day activities with much ease.
  • Be stronger by maintaining the strength and endurance of muscles.
  • Treat generalized weakness to improve musculoskeletal functions.
  • Improve and manage the range of motion of various joints.
  • Building strength and stability required for leading better quality of life.
  • Better posture.

What is involved in the package?

  • Consultation with our experienced Physiotherapist followed by treatment charting, and one interactive session every week.
  • Customised care plans including early morning stretches to give a kick start to your day.
  • WhatsApp images and sample videos with proper instruction to make sure you are following the treatment plan with minimal possible errors.
  • Daily reminder call/message to ensure your exercises are positively done facilitating patient participation and better outcomes.
  • Morning routine to build up strength for the whole day.
  • Proper way of taking Hot/Cold packs for maintaining better blood circulation and ease out the pain and stiffness.
  • Active exercises for general flexibility and mobility which are just right for your age and condition.
  • Strength training exercises to make stronger joints and improve ROM, the timing of the exercise along with number of repetitions for better improvement and recovery.
  • Evening ritual including exercises, pocket-friendly TENS therapy, Muscle stimulator, TheraBand and balls for strength training, hot/cold packs and some power packed stretches for a better sleep.
  • In case of requirement of any of the above-mentioned stuff, it can be sent by courier or pick up from conveniently located clinic.


Why golden agers?

  • Ageing causes sluggishness in our body systems, muscles loose strength, joints becomes more damaged with continuous wear and tear, resulting into limited mobility and flexibility.
  • Ageing is a non-reversible process, but the “GOOD NEWS” is that the effects of ageing can be slowed down or further subsided, if we do proper exercises, take care of our flexibility and maintain strength in our body.

Whats the right age to start?

  • As soon as we hit an age of 60, there are a lot of orthopedic problems which starts bothering our routine and daily life.
  • Whether there is pain or not, it’s always advisable to undertake regular screening from your physiotherapist. This way we can delay the onset of orthopaedic problems.
  • In case you are in the age between 50 to 60 years and have not consulted a Physiotherapist yet, it is the right time you can get yourself screened, so that a customised care plan can be developed. This will further help you in maintaining your strength and flexibility by knowing exactly what’s right for your body as per your routine and daily activities. This will further delay the chances of onset of orthopedic problems.
  • In case you already have an underlying orthopaedic problem, it becomes essential for you to be aware of what’s happening with your joints and muscles, what’s the exact status of your problem, how can it be managed more efficiently and how can you delay its progression and be more active. Another benefit of consultation with the physiotherapist will be formulation of a customised care plan that is as per your requirement and daily activities.

How Experienced Physiotherapist are?

Experienced Physiotherapist: we ensure that you are consulted with best and experienced physiotherapists. We maintain high degree of professionalism which can be verified by our testimonials and response from other patients. 

What are customised care plans?

Customised care plans: each patient is different and their requirements and goals are also different. We provide personalised care plans that caters to individual needs.

How can we save money and time?

Save money and time: Schedule your appointment as per your convenience with no stress of travelling and waiting.

What is Patient-centric approach?

Patient-centric approach: we maintain effective communication to ensure proper patient participation in most effective way for better outcomes.