Patient Success Stories for Hand

Case 1 :

Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Name: Dr.minoocha
  • Age: 72 yrs

Complaints & Symptoms: Night pain, burning and tingling in bilateral wrists,palm and over index and thumb since one year.

Protocols Followed: Median nerve mobilisation (neurodynamics),Sensory motor training,Strengthening exercises with resistive band and ball,Fine motor precision intrinsic muscle training of bilateral hands.

Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Episodes of night pain significantly decreased with reduced tingling numbness and was able to carry out all relative functions of hand.


I am very happy with the treatment given by Dr. sanjana as it has helped me getting rid of the symptoms.

Case 2 :

Dequvarian’s syndrome

  • Name: shikha gulati
  • Age: 28 yrs

Complaints & Symptoms: came with the complains of pain and restrictive movements in the left thumb and wrist since one year.

Protocols Followed: Ultrasound for local tenderness, Mulligans mannual therapy mobilization to improve the ROM of wrist, strengthening exercises of wrist and intrinsic muscles of hand.

Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient was able to move her wrist appropriately with minimal pain and all wrist ROM was free.


I am able to all activities with my left hand as earlier post my treatment with dr. sanjana which i wasn’t able to do because of pain and stiffness.Thanks to dr. sanjana for her effort in making my condition better.

Case 3 :

Tennis elbow

  • Name: Ms Romilla
  • Age: 62 yrs

Complaints & Symptoms: pain in left elbow since past 15 days on moving elbow.

Protocols Followed: US +IFT + Mannual theray + Soft tissue release.

Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Painfree elbow movements and ease in performing daily chores.


I am very happy with dr. sanjana’s treatment, my pain has reduced and i am back doing all my house hold work in a pain free manner.


Patient Success Stories for Shoulder

Case 1 :

Shoulder Joint Pain

  • Name: Mr. Edward Barett
  • Age: 70

Complaints & Symptoms: Shoulder pain with clicking sound, difficulty while sleeping on affected side.

Protocols Followed: Hot Pack,Manual releases, Chiro adjustments, Matrix,Laser, Exercises.

Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient was painfree .Patient was able to sleep without any night pain.


I am very happy with the treatment that I received here.

Case 2 :

Right Periarthritic shoulder, Right Hip joint and Left Knee joint arthritis

  • Name: Jasbir Singh
  • Age: 76 years

Complaints & Symptoms: 1.pain in the right shoulder joint with difficulty sleeping on the right side. Night pain with disturbed sleep and also pain in overhead activities. 2. Pain in the right hip joint and left knee joint on movement after a rest pause.

Protocols Followed: Maitland and Mulligans mobilization for the right shoulder and Mulligans for the right hip and left knee joint. Strength training with therabands and weights.

Patient Condition on completion of treatment: No night pain with full ROM in all the joints. Is able to walk and move painfree.


After trying the Physiotherapy centers around Gurgaon, I finally came to Orthocure, highly recommended by a friend. I came to the center with the following joints having pain and movement restrictions. I would rate them on the pain scale of 0 to 10 as-
a. Right shoulder joint- 8/10
b. Right Hip joint- 9/10
c. Left Knee joint-9/10
I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff. Dr. Meeta Nanda diagnosed the problems very accurately. She started with the treatments gradually increasing the intensity of each exercise. I was impressed with her knowledge of the subject which gave me the much required confidence. She conducted the exercises very methodically showing her personal commitment and interest. I think she is an asset to Orthocure.
As a result, now the condition of my joints is as follows
a. Right shoulder- 2/10
b. Right Hip joint- 1/10
c. Left Knee joint- 1/10
I will not hesitate in recommending Orthocure to all my family and friends who may need any kind of Physiotherapy treatment.

Case 3 :

Biceps & Brachii tear

  • Name: Mr. Abhijai Kumar
  • Age: 33

Complaints & Symptoms: Not able to use his hand for his daily activities, was not able to persue gyming, weakness in arm.

Protocols Followed: Cold Pack, Matrix,Laser, Dry needling, Myokinetic release,Strengthening Exercises.

Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient was pain free after the completion of treatment. He continued his gyming without any difficulty.


I am very thankful for the treatment I received here. I had consulted many doctors for this pain before but no relief was there after any medications. Thank you to Orthocure.