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Only Clinic in India where Orthopaedists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Fitness and Foot Orthotics experts work together under one roof to make you better.

Conditions & Programs

Back & Neck Pain

Specialized treatment program to resolve chronic back & neck pain from its roots with highest success rate in the industry.

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Knee & Hip Pain

Best pain management therapies for all joint problems including Arthritis, Ligament tear and
Sports Injuries.

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Hand & Shoulder Pain

Treatments for Sports
Injuries, dislocations
and other musculoskeletal

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Foot & Ankle Pain

Feet are the foundation of our body. Customized treatments & products for pain relief and proper

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Golden Agers

Add Life to Your Years

Customized wellness program for pain management and healthy ageing. Available through Video Calls at comfort of your home.

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For sports injury prevention, treatment and performance enhancement. Specialized Running and Golf Improvement Programs available.

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FitMom Pregnancy Program

Fit Mother & Healthy Baby.

Specialized program for the mothers with holistic Ante-Natal and Post Natal exercise and fitness coaching.

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WorkFIT Program for Corporate

Reset, Realign, Reignite.

Program for the corporate executives improving vitality and covering comprehensive
Ergonomics training.

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Try the gold standard of treatment programs for back & neck pain.Don’t let pain hold you back!

Integrated Solutions for Pain and Aches



Powered by a team of experienced and highly specialized Orthopaedic Consultants.


Medical Fitness

Strength Training Program for people in 40 years – 100 years age group. Stay Strong Stay Active



Highly skilled physiotherapists trained on advanced treatments.


Regenerative Orthopaedics

Super specialized techniques for treating moderate and severe conditions of muscles and joints.



Gurgaon’s only licensed Chiropractor Doctor & Spine Specialist – Dr Solenee de Waverechin from France


Foot Orthotics

Advanced Computerized Setup for custom foot insoles and orthotics.

We provide 360 degree solutions for your condition

Our unique 4 point protocol allows for an all round approach.

We start with the right Diagnostic Tests, focus on giving you immediate Pain Relief followed by Correcting Problem from its Roots and, then, focus on stopping recurrence.

Diagnostic Tests


Correcting Problem from its Roots

Prevent Recurrence &

Understand Ten Reasons why thousands of patients trust

Orthocure Clinics for Bone & Joint Condition treatments.

Speciality in Orthopaedic Problems

  • Specialised and focused in one area – orthopaedic problems – compared to a large hospital handling 1000+ diseases
  • Multiple people in our whole organization, rather than one standalone doctor, working towards creating protocols to give you standardized and best care in all our clinics.

Unique ``4 Point`` Protocols with 95% Success Rate

  • “4 Point” Protocols: – Based on our associations with healthcare practices in USA, Canada & Europe, our own research and collective inputs from our doctors, we have developed unique. “4 Point” Protocols which aim to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems in a comprehensive and standardised way.
  • High Success Rate of our “4 Point” Protocols: – 95%of those patients rating rated themselves above 8 out of 10 in the improvement of pain and lifestyle after coming to our clinic.
  • Structural Correction: – Unlike most clinics, we focus on “Structural Correction” to resolve the problem from its roots and not just pain relief. Eg Correcting your posture.

Universal care under one roof

  • Orthopaedists/Physiotherapists/Chiropractic Doctor/Orthotics/Prosthetics/Fitness Experts under one roof: – There are certain conditions best treated by Orthopaedists first and certain by Physiotherapists.When you call us, depending upon your condition, our protocols direct you to see an Orthopaedist or Physiotherapists first in our team. Thereafter, doctors and physiotherapists refer to each other and other specialists in the clinic  as required.
  • Orthopaedic problems are largely “mechanical” problems resolved by manual therapy. Eg: – A misaligned spine or a weak muscle. Chemicals (medicines) have a limited role to play. Hence, 95% of our patients get treated by conservative physical therapy without medicines or injections.

Globally Acclaimed Technologies - 1st time in India

  • We use Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques used widely in USA, Canada & Europe but rarely in Indian clinics.We use techniques from Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Orthotics, Prosthetics & Fitness world.
  • We believe in Technology– Many machines in our facility are first time in Delhi-NCR (and some even in India)
  • Best of the world in India:- We have collaborated with medical practices/equipment suppliers in USA, Canada, Germany etc to bring the best of technologies to your doorstep through our clinics.

Qualified Team of Doctors

  • Senior Doctors: Our doctors and physical therapists are chosen from amongst the best in industry. Many of them are reputed names in medical practice.
  • In certain situations, medicines/injections and surgery are the better and only option. Then, Orthopaedist Doctors in our clinics take over to ensure you get full care. They operate in the best hospitals of the city, to take care of surgical option, if the need arises.

Preferred Place for a second opinion

Eg. For Back and Neck problems, we have been able to resolve chronic cases wherein patients have been suffering for years and helped them avoid surgery.

Specialized Programs for Runners, Golfers, Pregnant Women & Corporate

Special people need special programs –

  • Senior Citizens Wellness Program
  • SportsFIT – Runners and Golf Improvement Program
  • FitMom- Pre & Post Pregnancy program
  • WorkFIT – Corporate Program

100% Ethical

Our doctors and staff are under strict instructions to do what is right from a medical perspective.  They should not prescribe even a single test or an extra session if its not required. We want to re-establish the patient-doctor trust which has broken down. We welcome your feedback directly to CEO at if you feel otherwise.

Doing What’s best for the Patient

  • Patient Education: Today’s “google generation” not only wants to understand what they are going through but, but also many orthopaedic problems, being chronic in nature, have to be self – managed by patients over a period of time. This is best done if they understand what they are going through. Hence, Patient Education is a big focus area for us
  • Minimal “Homework” Exercises: While doing exercises at home are great in theory, they are tough to follow in practice and, many times, done incorrectly. Hence, we have machines and treatment approaches which try to resolve your problem in clinic itself without carrying any “homework” to do exercises. However, where you need to, we give you aids to make sure you are doing them correctly and regularly.

Convenience and Safety in times of Covid-19

With our presence in multiple locations, our clinics are located in your neighbourhood – in a friendly environment away from the OPD rush in hospitals. Compared to hospitals, our clinics only have an inflow of patients based on appointments, thus allowing you space and peace of mind and way lesser chances of contracting any infections. Our hygiene sanitation drives before and after every appointment, include sanitizing counters, treatment chairs and adjoining shelves and tables, beyond the floors and air around you, plus providing you a Personal Protection kit when in treatment and also ensuring the doctors wear the PPE kit during all times.

4 locations all over Gurgaon

Your friendly neighborhood Clinic for all bone and muscle conditions

Over the years, we have served and treated thousands of patients from Gurgaon and Delhi. Our 4 Clinics in Gurgaon allow you to visit the nearest Clinic in your neighbourhood and we do our best to provide a Covid-safe environment. We serve patients by appointments only and follow extensive sanitization procedures before each patient walks in provide a safer environment away from crowded hospitals.

Covid-safe friendly environment away from crowded hospitals.

We serve patient by appointments only enabling social distancing, follow extensive sanitization procedures on all touch points before each patient walks in and both doctors & patients wear Personal Protection Kit provided at the clinic.

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