Orthocure FitMOM programme is especially designed for pregnant women, to hand hold them through the pre and post natal period and make it as pain free and enjoyable as possible.

Our principle aim is:

  • To prepare the body for labour by strengthening the pelvic and abdominal muscles
  • To strengthen the torso (upper body) muscles, to help in pain free care of the newborn .
  • To reduce the chances of pelvic floor trauma at the time of labour and urine leak problem during and after pregnancy.
  •  About 50% of women suffer from post pregnancy back pain. This programme is designed to strengthen back muscles so as to prevent post natal back pain.

Unlike many other such programs, it is a structured and comprehensive program rather than just few lecture sessions.  Although you can join anytime, its best to join it 6 months before delivery and continue it 40 days after delivery. It consists of one hour sessions held every fortnight.

Our Physical Therapists guide you through this important phase of your life and help you remain pain free and active.