Human beings are built to stand, walk and run. However, over 80% of our waking hours now are spent “sitting” – mostly in office, watching TV, surfing web at home, in car and probably you are sitting right now. This is causing so much harm that sitting is now known as the “smoking” of the current generation. Back & neck pain has become the second biggest reason why people visit a doctor. About 80% of population experiences back pain at some point in their lives. A report on front page of Times of India few days back said that, in their survey of young professionals, they found a high 45% of them suffering from these problems.

The good news is that medical science today has advanced know-how and technologies to “prevent” irreversible damage to back/neck of thousands of office goers/computer users. This allows them to enjoy the enriching life which today’s “office” jobs provide and, at the same time, remain healthy.

WorkFIT Program is a specially designed program to address and rectify the irreversible damage happening in body due to long sitting jobs in offices. Our WorkFIT program comprises of the following sub-programs:

  • WorkFIT Health Talk

    • – One hour health talk given by our experts about do’s & don’ts of office ergonomics.
  • WorkFIT Assessment Program

    • – Unique one to one detailed assessment of employees using latest technologies like Posture Analysis Test – first time in India.
  • WorkFIT 
    • – Work Station Program Workstation evaluation to find out & resolve ergonomic risks
  • WorkFIT Clinic in office

    • – Periodic consultation facility in office premises
  • WorkFIT Program for Senior Management

    • – Exclusive diagnostic & structural correction program for senior management team