The Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Gurgaon

Orthocure Healthcare is a top rated physiotherapeutic chain of clinics in Gurgaon. Orthocure provides a holistic one-stop solution for all the physical therapy (PT) treatments under one roof. Orthocure has a team of one of the best and highly-experienced professional Physiotherapists known for their services across the industry. Orthocure leverages on state of the art machines, latest techniques, equipment and infrastructure while providing one the best physiotherapy treatment to its patients. One of the key feature at Orthocure is developing physiotherapy treatment as per the requirement and suitability of the patient. Doctors and practitioners at Orthocure Healthcare are prominent and have a earned a good reputation in the medical fraternity.

Physiotherapy Ailments covered at Orthocure Healthcare

We offer a holistic and one stop solution for all type of Orthopaedic problems under one roof. We specialize in the treatment of all major muscles pains, joint pains, sports injuries & rehabilitation, Antenatal and Postnatal care, customised insoles for foot and ankle problems and better body alignment. We have a separate customized plan and exercises for prevention of ortho related pains and aches for aging patients. We excel in the services we provide to the patients which can be further verified by our patient testimonials.

What is the procedure of Physiotherapy Cure at Orthocure Healthcare?

We at Orthocure provides a high quality, standardized and evidence-based protocols. We try to minimize the gap between east and west medicine. Our physiotherapist diagnose the root cause of the problem and work not just towards pain management but also towards wellness so that you lead an active lifestyle with minimal discomfort. The protocol followed in our clinics is as follows-:

  • In depth patient consultation including history taking, standardised physical assessment and special tests, X-ray & MRI reports assessment, etc.  On the basis preliminary consultation, we at Orthocure develop an orthopaedic score of the patient to rate the discomfort of the condition. This further helps in keeping a fair track of the recovery thereafter, both for the patient as well the doctor.
  • On the basis of the condition of the patient we develop a customized treatment plans catering to individual needs of the patients.
  • Development of patient centric short term goals and long term goals.
  • We also provide advance treatments to our patients as per their needs and requirement. Below is the list of few such treatments-
    • Dry Needling – used for releasing tight knots in the muscles and relieving stiffness.
    • Cupping Therapy – used to increase local blood circulation and enhance healing.
    • ZRT-Matrix therapy – used for normalising the metabolism of cell in turn treating g chronic pain conditions which do not have any further recurrence
    • Chatanooga wireless pro- it is smart intello-electrotherapy which apart from pain relief helps in rehablitation.
    • Spinal Decompression therapy- a unique therapy to treat disc related issues accompanied by symptoms of radiating pain in arms or legs.
    • Foot Gym- for exercising small muscles of foot and ankle.
    • Therabands and Ball exercises- for better functional gains.
    • Scenar- advance pain relief mechanism.
    • Footbalance- for digital foot assessment and customised insoles.
    • Kinesiotaping- for supporting muscles and joints and increasing sports efficiency. It also promotes healing.
    • Advance mobilisations and manipulations- for better alignment of joints.
    • Functional exercises- to return back to sport or normal lifestyle.
    • Neck and back strength testing with 3 months training protocol.
  • We also hold expertise in delivering various programs like
    • CoreFit- which targets on strengthening the foundation of body- joints and muscles for a pain free and active lifestyle. It works for school goers, people engaged in sports activity, office going people who are engaged in long hours of job; sitting and usually don’t take out time to exercise and strengthen their core muscles. This programme also include Golden-agers (elderly people with age >60 yrs) who want to lead an independent and active lifestyle.
    • FlyFit- This program is divided in two segments. One for pilots and airhostess and the other for people who have travel intensive job profiles. It takes care of all the components for better ergonomics, tips to increase blood circulation while sitting in the flight, stretches which can be performed easily to take care of your neck and back pain, accessories which you can  carry for a more pleasant experience all together.
    • WorkFit- which targets office-going people who are prone to neck, back, shoulder or wrist pain. Under the programme we provide corporate consultations and awareness sessions to the employees towards improving their ergonomics and various measures employees can take to keep pain at a bay. We also provide the best solutions for their pain in minimal possible time. (we take care of their busy schedules!)
    • FitMom- It makes the journey of motherhood more pleasant. It focuses on antenatal program which we have been successfully running for the past 5 years. The programme ensures that your core muscles remains strong and your body is at a minimal risk of developing pains and aches after delivery which are more common these days. Furthermore our post natal program targets at strengthening the whole spine to build a stronger foundation to helps you enjoy being MOTHER.
    • Sports Fit- The programme specially caters to the need of people who play sports. We do sports specific assessments to check your functional level and develop your treatment programs accordingly. We do take care of all type of sports injuries with our specialist on panel.