Recover with Best Neck Pain and Spondylitis Treatment

Why is Neck Care so Important?

Neck as a body part is the interface between the head / brain / face / ENT with the shoulders and the rest of the body. The neck provides the mobility and the key movements that work in tandem with the rest of the body, through the numerous vertebrates that conjunct / connect the head to the torso. If there is extended pain in the neck, then it must be taken seriously and neck pain treatment should be carried out under the supervision of leading Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists or Chiropractor at Orthocure Healthcare. 

The Causes of Neck Pain and Neck Pain Treatment 

There are many factors that can cause to lead to neck pain, and that lead many people to go for neck pain treatment. To list out a few reasons for neck pain and the requirement for its neck pain treatment are:

  • Wear and tear of tissues and / or muscles in the neck area
  • Degeneration of disc that leads up from shoulder to upper part in the neck area
  • Sports or extreme activity injury like jerking, lifting, falling, slipping etc
  • Stiff neck due to bad sleeping or sitting posture
  • Inappropriate sleeping position or bad pillow rest
  • Pinched or compressed neck

What Leads to Spondylitis 

Spondylitis is the swelling up of or inflammation of the spinal bones, or the vertebrae / spinal column. If spondylitis is ignored, it can develop into a serious ailment or disorder, hence the need for immediate spondylitis treatment by a leading Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. Post the spondylitis treatment, the Doctors at Orthocure Healthcare ask the patients to follow best practices in maintaining its good health. They advise on every query that a patient may have even after the spondylitis treatment is over with. 

Some Basic Details about Spondylitis Treatment

There are many reasons for spondylitis to happen, such as it can be genetic in nature, expansion of spinal bones, the aging factor, inappropriate lifestyle, etc. Some symptoms or signs that indicate spondylitis are lower back pain, inability to flex the back like pain while bending or turning around, stiffness and so forth. The Physiotherapist and Chiropractor at Orthocure Healthcare take every step to in relieving the problem about spondylitis through its best spondylitis treatment. The pain is reduced once the patient goes through the structured sessions / sittings. 

The Best Specialty Chain of Clinics in Gurgaon to get Neck Pain Treatment and Spondylitis Treatment 

Orthocure Healthcare is concerned about taking the best safety and precautionary care against Coronavirus, COVID-19, for every visitor at any of its clinics’ premises. Every hour, the entire premise is sanitized. Body temperatures of the staff are checked. Gloves, face masks, adequate air ventilation etc are all taken care about. Thus, the Orthocure Healthcare chain of clinics provides the safest environment for neck pain treatment and Spondylitis treatment.   Orthocure Healthcare undertakes and cures the neck pain and spondylitis treatment in the natural way, such as adjustments done by physiotherapists or Chiropractor, in sessions.  Do not leave any pain unchecked and get the best neck pain treatment and spondylitis treatment as early as possible. Orthocure Healthcare uses the best medical equipment in its treatment, such as the MedX USA. 

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Why Ignoring Neck Pain Can be a Mistake?

What Causes Neck Pain?

Everyone, sometime or the other experiences neck pain due to different reasons at different times in life. Complaints about sore neck are common, but usually these are not of a serious matter or concern.

Neck pain, in any age group, can happen for multiple reasons, such as, sudden jerk, accident, in sports activities, neck inflammation, a fall, fainting, a pinched nerve in the neck, while traveling, bad sleeping position, inappropriate pillow / mattress, bad sitting position at table or study / work desk, laptop hunching / leaning, lack of exercise, poor posture (especially while watching TV), strained or weakened neck muscles, the way one carries heavy weight, herniated disc related to the neck area, problem in musculoskeletal system, spine problem can lead to stiff neck, infection, swelling and so forth. Orthocure helps in neck pain treatment in gurgaon.

Why is Neck Important as a Body Part?

Neck is delicate and yet a hardworking body part. Neck is the starting point of the whole body below the head, which is the starting point of the spinal column and cord. Neck provides the movement and mobility of the head especially that it works in tandem with the rest of the body. On average, the human head weighs around 5 or 5.5 kg. In a sense, neck is the important and main link or connecting point between the head and the rest of the human body. Neck aids in moving the head up-down-left-right etc. Neck is where the food, breath, blood to head etc pass through.

A neck pain can sometimes lead to other problems such as a headache, stiffness etc, therefore a neck pain shouldn’t be ignored and Neck pain treatment should be done.

How to Take Care of the Neck in General?

Out of the 24 hours, about 7 to 8 hours are spent sleeping. First of all, the neck should be positioned well on the pillow while sleeping. The right pillow and bed is important. A bad sleeping position can also cause neck pain. The right sleeping position helps in the wellbeing and overall good functionality of the neck.

Early stage identification of neck pain and its cure is most apt. The moment and time it is prolonged and unattended to, it can deepen / severe the neck pain and may create complexity in increase in neck pain in future. Get recover from neck pain with our neck pain treatment

What are the Remedies and Treatment for a Neck Pain?

Some Dos and Donts about Neck Care

  • Perform specific neck exercises under guidance of a Therapist
  • Take proper rest
  • Sleep well in the right posture for around 8 hours
  • Have the right pillow and mattress
  • Have periodic neck massages by Specialist
  • Apply special oils, ointments, sprays, creams etc recommended by Therapists
  • Do not take a neck pain lightly as it could be related to other ailment as well

However, in case of serious and chronic neck pains, for cervical relief, the patient should consult a Specialist / Doctor and get a consultation and check up done, followed by treatment. Post the neck pain cure and treatment, the patient should do the advised neck exercises under supervision.

Where to get Neck Pain Treatment done?

The search for neck pain relief and treatment stops here. A patient can get a world class of neck related ailments treatment with qualified Specialists / Therapists at any one of the Orthocure Clinics in Gurgaon. Orthocure Clinics have the latest and advanced diagnosis systems and instruments. For a FREE basic consultation, and for directions to any of Orthocure’s conveniently located Clinics in Gurgaon, please CLICK HEREFor any urgency or an immediate appointment, please call at 9821451214.

Impact of Changing Lifestyle on Back, Spine, Neck etc

Why is Back, Neck, Spine etc Care Important?

The awareness about back, neck, spine etc and the muscle/ bone care is more important than one can imagine. It may be the most ignored body part for many. It cannot be ignored, taken for granted or taken lightly.  The back is an important link to your whole body system, nerves, muscles, in supporting the patient’s weight balance, keeping upright posture etc coordinating and interfacing between both the upper and lower halves of the body.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back, Spine, Neck Pain With Chiropractor in Gurgaon

In the earlier times, back, neck, spine pain and related ailments were not as common as now as they are now. Today, even some children complain about back pains, backaches etc, which may be the result of study pressure, less of sports activities, longs hours of sitting on the study-table or TV coach, unsuitable eating habits, obesity / overweight etc.

Chiropractic therapy treatment comes more prominently into play when a person is lost or confused in his/her concern for back, neck, spine etc pain. Being negligent can lead to severity of problem in future. A Doctor, surgeon or Chiropractor in Gurgaon would give advice on how to maintain a healthy back, spine, neck.

Doctors, surgeons and Chiropractors not only do back pain treatment and also neck pain treatment but also ailments related to back, spine, neck etc but also repeatedly keep patients and everyone informed about the good health maintenance, habits and best practices. When one is physically fit, the mind works much better as well.

Basic Dos and Don’ts to Keep a Healthy Back, Neck, Spine and the Posture

Some of the Dos are:

  • Your seat and sitting position is vital. An appropriate/ ergonomic chair is important e.g. in office, study, living room etc
  • An appropriate pillow and bed mattress helps in keeping a fit back, and keeps overall body posture good
  • Performing certain Yoga exercises specific to the different part of the bodies, under advice is highly beneficial. Note that a specific set of Yoga exercises or postures can be centered and for certain part of the body
  • Ensure the right table-position that makes you less stressed. Ergonomic chairs, tables, lighting etc play a role
  • Try to exercise, walk, jog, play a sport or activity of liking, for at least half an hour daily, if not an hour
  • Walk with a straight posture. Do a slight warm-up before exercise
  • Maintain a balanced diet, Keep a tab on weight
  • Drink water and stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle when possible
  • Climb up / down a few lower level stairs rather than using elevators and lifts
  • Sleep well in the appropriate sleeping position suitable for the back and overall body
  • Wear comfortable footwear especially for long walks, jogging, sports, shopping, travel etc.
  • Gentle massages from time-to-time relaxes the back and keeps the nerves, muscles etc working optimally in tandem

Some of the Donts are:

  • Do not sit on a chair that is uncomfortable especially for long duration of time, like in office, or a job that is too desk-bound. Go to drink water intermittently
  • Avoid sitting at a stretch for long hours. Take breaks, walk a bit, take a quick walk and come back to your desk
  • Do not drink cold or chilled water as a habit. Avoid drinking too much of chilled beverages, this affects the bones in the long run
  • Avoid smoking, excessive or habitual / consistent drinking etc
  • Avoid walking or jogging on very hard surfaces like street roads, hard pavements etc which takes a toll on the knee, muscles etc. Try going to a park, playground or the soft side of the road
  • Avoid wearing hard soled shoes especially for walks, jogging, sports etc

Some Signs of a Healthy Back, Neck, Spine etc are:


  • A person is able to get up from his/her chair, bed etc relatively easily
  • A person rarely ever gets neck, back, etc stiffness
  • A person is able to bend forward and reach quite close to his/her knees
  • A person is never stressed especially in quick movement, the back, neck muscles are reflective
  • A person feels no neck, shoulder and back strain in any activity

For more tips on a managing back, spine, neck etc pain, or for more information and a FREE basic consultation, please CLICK HERE. For directions to any of our conveniently located Clinics in Gurgaon, please CLICK HEREFor any urgency or an appointment, please call at 9821451214.

Orthocure Clinic Welcomes Finest Chiropractor in Gurgaon & India

At Orthocure Clinics, we are proud to offer Chiropractic Care.Chiropractors are exclusive to Orthocure Clinics in Gurgaon. We are only one of less than a dozen chiropractic clinics across India, and the only one with multidisciplinary health team consisting of orthopaedic specialists, advanced physiotherapists and Chiropractors working in synergy as a team to ensure you get the best results possible.  Our Chiropractors are foreign doctors from Europe and North America.  They bring a vast array of unique and innovative methods with them that ensure successful outcomes.   To ensure excellence in execution and clinical outcomes, Orthocure is partnered with Intelligent Health Group, a Canadian based Chiropractic and multi-disciplinary group to ensure our protocols are cutting edge and yield success

What is a chiropractor?

A Doctor of Chiropractic is neuromusculoskeletal specialist with specialization in spinal disorders who treats the patient using advanced chiropractic adjustments either manually or with a chiropractic adjuster.

Chiropractic Health Care is a practice that dates to 125 years.  It was discovered after a deaf man began to hear after treatment to his neck!

Chiropractors go through a great deal of education and training to get their Doctor of Chiropractor degree.  This education involves a 4-years program including residency after a 3-4-years university program.

How can a chiropractor help you?

Physical, chemical and emotional stresses build up in the human body and manifest in the spine as an area of extreme tension and stress, this is called vertebral subluxation complex (VSC).  This is where joints in our spine lose their normal movement and alignment, creating abnormal pressure on the nerve that exits that level and initiates stress hormone, cortisol, to be released into our body. The weight equivalent to that of a small coin on a nerve can reduce the nerves flow by 60%!  If the joint has locked out of proper alignment, nerve flow from the brain, down the spine, out to the organs and body will be reduced, and our health decreases.  High cortisol levels, shut down our immune system, gastrointestinal system, and reproductive systems first, followed by other body systems causing sickness, pain and other symptoms.   If the brain communicates better with the rest of the body and gives it proper instruction as it is designed to, your body works better!  It is the secret to improving every aspect of your health and well-being.

There is a tremendous amount of research proving chiropractic improves every aspect of your health, by increasing the nervous system function.

How does a chiropractor treat a patient?

Chiropractors are specially trained to diagnose and treat all nerve, muscle, tissue, and joint problems arising from the spine.  This is done through a highly specific, safe and effective treatment called the “chiropractic adjustment”.   The adjustment is a gentle yet specific movement into a spinal joint that has lost its normal motion. Treatments can be done through mechanical instruments or by hand.  The chiropractic treatment is unlike any other and can only be done with extensive training.  Unfortunately, patients will not know that they have subluxations as they are often painless.  Only when the body can no longer cope, symptoms begin to get noticed.

Chiropractic is useful for pain relief and wellness care.  It is both curative and preventive.  As dental checkups and cleaning are necessary for the prevention of tooth decay, regular, periodic adjustments prevent spinal decay.  Everyone with a spine needs chiropractic.

What are the conditions treated by a chiropractor?

Chiropractors are known best for treating

  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Ankle Injury
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal disorders
  • Orthopaedic problems
  • Radiating pain…etc.

However, the benefits of care have a global effect, improving your overall health by enhancing your nervous system function.

Why choose Orthocure Clinic for getting treated by a Chiropractor in Gurgaon & India?

As of this moment we are the only facility to provide genuine chiropractor in Gurgaon.

Orthocure is the only multidisciplinary clinic of its kind in India, where Orthopedic specialists and advanced physiotherapists work alongside Doctor of Chiropractic.

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