Back pain treatment: There is an increase in prevalence among several professionals, workers, and those employed in working environments who often acquire and struggle with a diagnosis or pain related to musculoskeletal disorders. Orthocure provides comprehensive coverage of the resolution, treatment, and management of musculoskeletal disorders, including lower back pain.  Some of these include arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, spinal discomfort, bad posture, slipped disks, pain in fingers and their extremities, blood flow problems, diabetic neuropathy, and swelling in their extremities.

Various working environments are prone to breeding musculoskeletal disorders in individuals. This arises due to several situations, including the working requirements, equipment such as chairs, tables, and keyboards, and the utilisation of technology. 

Extensive hours spent sedentary


One of the contributors to the vast increase in musculoskeletal disorders is the extensive hours spent sedentary while working environments that tend to breed and cause issues within individuals; a sedentary lifestyle results in a lack of mobility.


Extensive hours spent in uncomfortable positions


Due to some individuals having to sit or spend extensive, often dangerous amounts of time that are spent in uncomfortable positions,

there might be pain and issues arising.


Spinal problems


Spinal problems are a common complaint among professionals and workers in environments. Individuals may benefit from examination at Orthocure and procedures such as spine adjustments. 



Back pains


Back pains are a common complaint among individuals working in the office and other environments where they often have to sit for long hours on hard surfaces.



Carpal tunnel system



Carpal tunnel syndrome arises when individuals must extensively type and use computer equipment on their hands and fingers.


Typing & excessive utilisation of limbs



Typing and excessive utilisation of limbs can only exacerbate damage to tissues and cause and even commence neuropathy.


Lack of correct furniture:


The lack of correct furniture ergonomic provisions can cause several problems and affect the musculoskeletal health and well-being of professionals and workers. Many workplaces may not have the proper recommendations for considering their employees’ musculoskeletal health situation and overall well-being. Orthocure is a state-of-the-art spine specialist in Gurgaon.




Conclusion: Working environments can often breed musculoskeletal disorders by being detrimental to the musculoskeletal health of the individuals within them. It is thus essential to understand the short- and long-term effects and direct them directly to thekers’ productivity, efficiency, and associated health. As several working environments often possess staff & professionals who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders, there is a direct relation between the ergonomics, engineering, and nature of working environments and the orthopaedic conditions that arise from individuals working there. Investigation of the issues can lead to a comprehensive understanding of the driving factors and causes that enable the development of these dangerous and often debilitating disorders, which also concern the overall health of an organisation and the working environment. There are specific furniture, foot and orthopaedic technology, as well as preventative and exercise, therapeutic means that work toward healing & can prevent the worsening or development of musculoskeletal disorders.

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