The Happening of Sports Injury

Sports injury can happen to anyone, but these are especially prone to those who indulge in more rigorous sports and games / activities, such as, football, rugby, squash, hockey, basketball, cycling, volleyball, cricket, mountaineering, river rafting, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, athletic events and so forth. However, some sort of sports injury can also happen in other sports like Golf, table tennis, swimming, archery, polo, motor racing etc. 

Some sports persons make the common mistake of not warming up before playing the sport. Some ignore key training sessions and jump to the in-depth / vigorous sports activity. Some players ignore or take some issued quite lightly, such as muscle tear, sprain, jerk on joints, tendon / ligament problem etc. These key aspects are also informed at Orthocure’s sports injury clinic in Gurgaon, which has the top of the line sports physiotherapy treatment and care. 

The Leading Sports Injury Clinic in Gurgaon

Orthocure healthcare is the leading sports injury clinic in Gurgaon. The top reasons as to why a sports injured person / patient should approach any of the Orthocure healthcare clinics spread across Gurgaon, are:

  • Location convenience – One may from any of the clinics that is closer to the patient’s home
  • Most well protected against Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19
  • Limited footfall and is away from the crowded or over populated patients like in hospitals
  • Best Panel of Doctors, Orthopedists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractor, with international qualifications and practices, such as USA, France
  • Natural treatment and care, avoiding medicines and surgery 
  • Best medical equipment is used, such as the MedX USA

Orthocure taking all Precautions against COVID-19 in its Sports In Injury Clinic in Gurgaon

As above, every measure is taken to prevent against the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, to best safeguard the patients. The clinics are well sanitized every hour. Gloves, face masks etc are used by staff, and also provided to all those who enter the clinic premises. The clinic space is well ventilated. Unlike some hospitals, there are very limited visitors and those specific to sports injury or back pain etc ailments visit. 

How Orthocure Healthcare’s Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopaedists and Chiropractor Treat Sports Injury

The first and the most important step is Orthocure healthcare’s Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists and Chiropractor taking deep study of the sports injury of the patient. It is also important to know about the specific health condition and background of the sports injured person. Only after the preliminary consultative session a treatment methodology is reached with mutual agreement on the approach, the number of sessions, procedures etc. The ballpark recovery time is also mentioned so that the patient may prepare mentally for a full 100% recovery in a set timeline.  

Finding the Best Sports Physiotherapy Care and Treatment

There is no difficulty or challenge in finding a chain of clinics for best sports physiotherapy care and treatment in Gurgaon. The search stops here. Orthocure’s medical team has the best and most extensive experience in providing specific sports physiotherapy care and treatment; also they leverage the best medical equipment, such as MedX USA. The tools and methodologies also include joint mobilization, manipulation and movement, sports specific exercises, etc.

How Best Sports Physiotherapy is Done

The best practices and methodologies are followed by Orthocure healthcare Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists and Chiropractor here. Extensive and intensive consultation is done with sports injured patient much before the start of the actual sports physiotherapy treatment. If required and depending on the type of sports injury, Orthocure healthcare’s Doctors also advise on a diet chart. 

Contact Orthocure Healthcare for Best Sports Physiotherapy

To book an appointment, to discuss or to seek any information, please call at Orthocure healthcare’s centralized number +91 – 9821451214. To know more about the specialty healthcare treatments, please visit Orthocure healthcare’s website The best way a sports injured person can take charge of his / her own self is to reach out a specialist clinic with specialist Doctors.


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