We should always strive to maintain an optimal posture. Your feets are the foundation of your body and correct posture starts from your foot! It is a state where all the joints are in proper alignment and muscles are in balance. There are various advantages of maintaining right posture.

  • Right posture helps maintain optimal joint positions throughout the body. This keeps joint problems at a bay as your joints are biomechanically aligned.
  • It helps in equal distribution of forces minimizing the wear and tear of joint and maintaining healthy mobile joints.
  • Allows your muscles to work at optimal efficiency, therefore less stiffness, strain and risk of injury. Thereby less of neck pain, back pain, shoulder and foot pain.
  • As your body is in state of balance so you feel more energetic and positive.
  • It improves your breathing and thereby increasing the food provided to the body in terms of oxygen; this further helps in improving the function of your whole body.
  • All the systems of the body work at their optimal level if you maintain a correct posture. Like your digestion and circulation gets better with optimal posture.
  • It helps maintain better core strength and you appear taller, smarter and more confident!