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Orthocure Rehab Wall Station

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Orthocure’s Wall Station is compact total body rehabilitation system for strength, balance, range of motion, and core training within the clinic itself. This system can be used both for upper and lower extremity strength training, it features three planes of movement (vertical, horizontal, and transverse).

When to use?

It can be used by physical therapist to rehabilitate the patients with respect to muscle activation, muscle strength in different planes of muscle fibre. These theraband/other similar bands assisted resistance exercises helps in recruiting muscle fibres thereby improving the strength of the muscle by reviving the muscle memory.

Instrument usage guidelines:
  • This wall station is a multi-dimensional wall mounted system that provides three planes of movement with slide tracks and position indicators.
  • A knob has been provided to adjust the horizontal bar according to the heights provided on bottom scale on both sides. Rotate slightly anticlock wise to loosen and clockwise to fix position.
  • All the hooks could be adjusted by rotating them anticlock wise to loosen and clockwise to fix position.

Station should be screwed well on the wall with no loose fitting as it has to bear the pressure from the resistance band.

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