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Back Support

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Orthocure’s half lumbar roll back support cushion promotes normal alignment of the lower back, by correcting posture thereby maintaining the natural shape of the spine. It provides multi-positional body support; contouring easily to any part of the body. When used correctly, this versatile back support lumbar pillow helps in preventing neck, back, shoulder, hip and leg pain. It also provides relief from sciatic nerve pain and discomfort caused due to a herniated disc. Made with supreme quality memory foam, this lumbar roll is ideal for use in beds, home chairs, office chairs or cars.

When to use?

It is recommended by chiropractors, orthopaedics & physiotherapists to prevent neck, back, hip, leg and sciatic nerve pain with regular use; improves blood circulation.

Instrument usage guidelines:

You could get relief in lower back, neck & shoulder pain by inserting this back support pillow in between the seat and your body. Your lower spine will curve forward, forcing your torso straight up. This ensures reduction of neck, shoulder and lower back pain, by correcting your sitting posture.

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