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Dr. Sneh Gaur

Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist


Dr. Sneh Gaur has more than 14 years of making her patient’s pain-free and happy. Practising at Orthocure Clinics with the use of modern technology, she has significantly reduced the recovery time of patients. She believes in the ethical treatment of patients and thus has taken various initiatives to understand the needs of the patient.

Dr Sneh holds a Masters in Physiotherapy specializing in Sports and Musculuskeletal conditions. She has also completed the upper and lower quadrant Mulligan’s concept course from Capri Institute of Manual Therapy. Physioneeds Academy has certified her with Sports specific dry needling. She also has completed the course on the taping of peripheral joints and lumbar spine in sports and stability concept which help to heal the pulled muscles and recover the patient effectively. She holds a certification in manual therapy for vertebral column, pelvic complex, and tissue mobilization.

Qualification and Experience

MPT (Sports & Rehabilitation), SBS PGI, Dehradun
More than 14 Years of experience

Specialization & Certification

Sports and Rehabilitation
Certified in Sports Dry Needling
Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist (COMT)
Certified in Taping of peripheral joints and Lumbar Spine
Certified in upper quadrand Manual Therapy

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