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Patient Success Stories for Knee & Hip

Knee pain treatment in gurgaon

Case 1: Knee pain

Name: Umang Sain
Age: 26 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Patient c/o pain in left knee Pain started during the training of spinning in gym. Pain gets aggravated from jumping, front lunge and lifting heavy weight.
  • Protocols Followed: Soft tissue release followed by cold pack and physiotherapy modalities and home exercises.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Decrease in pain in the knee as well as now he can do all the activities painfree which once aggravated his pain

Dr. Agarwal was nice and she explained everything about the injury I had. Her treatment was really helpful and now I can do all my activities easily. I am recovering day by day. Thanks.

Case 2: Knee Osteoarthritis

Name: Mrs. Indu Nath
Age: 76

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Knee Pain, Difficulty in walking, Difficulty in performing ADLs.
  • Protocols Followed: Hot Pack, Matrix, Manual releases, Chiro adjustments, Laser, Exercises.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient was able to walk pain free without any aids and ADLs were performed without any difficulty.

I am very happy with the treatment that I received here. Hope orthocure flourishes with success.

Case 3: Knee Osteoarthritis

Name: Mr. V.K.Malik
Age: 66

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Loss of range of motion with knee pain, not able to walk even short distance.
  • Protocols Followed: Hot Pack, Matrix,Laser,Myofascial release,Strengthening Exercises.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient was painfree and was able to walk.

Here the teatment is very different . I am satisfied with the treatment.

Case 4: Right Periarthritic shoulder, Right Hip joint and Left Knee joint arthritis

Name: Jasbir Singh
Age: 76 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: 1.pain in the right shoulder joint with difficulty sleeping on the right side. Night pain with disturbed sleep and also pain in overhead activities. 2. Pain in the right hip joint and left knee joint on movement after a rest pause.
  • Protocols Followed: Maitland and Mulligans mobilization for the right shoulder and Mulligans for the right hip and left knee joint. Strength training with therabands and weights.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: No night pain with full ROM in all the joints. Is able to walk and move painfree.

After trying the Physiotherapy centers around Gurgaon, I finally came to Orthocure, highly recommended by a friend. I came to the center with the following joints having pain and movement restrictions. I would rate them on the pain scale of 0 to 10 as-
a. Right shoulder joint- 8/10
b. Right Hip joint- 9/10
Left Knee joint-9/10
I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff. Dr. Meeta Nanda diagnosed the problems very accurately. She started with the treatments gradually increasing the intensity of each exercise. I was impressed with her knowledge of the subject which gave me the much required confidence. She conducted the exercises very methodically showing her personal commitment and interest. I think she is an asset to Orthocure.
As a result, now the condition of my joints is as follows-
a. Right shoulder- 2/10
b. Right Hip joint- 1/10
c. Left Knee joint- 1/10
I will not hesitate in recommending Orthocure to all my family and friends who may need any kind of Physiotherapy treatment.

Case 5: ACL tear

Name: Mr. Rajat Bhatia
Age: 36

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Scared to use the knee accompanied with knee pain.
  • Protocols Followed: Hot Pack,Manual releases, Chiro adjustments, Matrix,Laser, Exercises.

The treatment that I received here was something that gave me relief and confidence. I am very happy with the treatment I received.


Injury or trauma to knee can cause pain but knee pain can also occur without injury. It can also build up gradually due to arthritic changes kicking in, problem in your foot or muscular imbalances. It is usually accompanied by stiffness, swelling or discomfort in day to day activities. 

You need to see a doctor for knee pain in case you have

  • Problem in day to day activities- ascending descending stairs, sit to stand etc.
  • A history of injury, fall or twist
  • Swelling, redness or warmth
  • Pain
  • Inability to bear weight on painful knee

Non-surgical or conservative treatments are often successful if taken at the correct point of time. Knee surgery for knee pain is usually considered in case there is:

  • Ligament or meniscal injuries due to twisting or sporting activities, though the choice depends on the grade of tear
  • Grade 3 arthritis
  • Instability or giving way
  • Fracture

Knee pain can be managed with conservative physiotherapy treatment and exercises including at home care which can give you some relief. Some steps to follow are:

  • P: PROTECTION- with knee brace/ Kinesio-taping to restrict the motion
  • R: REST- for 2-3 days or till the signs of inflammation are resolved
  • I: ICE- for 10-15 mins 3-4 times/day in a day to minimize further injury and reduce signs of inflammation.
  • C: COMPRESSION- Crepe bandage/ Space Kinesiotaping to enhance the fluid movement.
  • E: ELEVATION- Keep 2-3 pillows under the leg to enhance the fluid movement and reduce swelling.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Regular physical activities, weight bearing exercises and weight reduction.
  •  If no relief is attained then consult your therapist and physician for further management

In you have no history of twisting or sports injury the knee pain can go with the above steps and incorporating regular strengthening and stretching exercises for your knee, but knee pain as a result of injuries may require longer treatment. Consult your therapist or physician if it takes longer or no relief is there.

For knee pain you can consult an Orthopaedician, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or an Osteopath.

If your ankle pain is coming back every now and then that means the root cause was not identified. The root cause could be below or above ankle joint. The entire kinetic chain (foot, knee, hip, pelvic back and head) needs to be assessed to rule the exact root cause followed by the treatment.

For example, foot over pronation (flat foot) put more stress over the heel and Achilles tendon leading to recurrent ankle pain.

You can do PRICE

  • P: PROTECTION- with ankle brace/ Kinesiotaping to restrict the motion
  • R: REST- for 2-3 days or till the signs of inflammation are resolved
  • I: ICE- for 10-15 mins 3-4 times/day to minimize further injury, reduce swelling and accelerate healing.
  • C: COMPRESSION- Crepe bandage/ Space Kinesiotaping to enhance the fluid movement
  • E: ELEVATION- Keep 2-3 pillows under the leg to enhance the fluid movement which helps in reducing swelling.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 
  • Orthotics: insoles to provide equal weight distribution
  • Followed by gentle ankle exercises, weight bearing exercises and weight reduction. 
  • If no relief is attained then consult your therapist and physician to cure your ankle pain.

Ankle pain can also develop without injury. Altered foot position, altered biomechanics of knee, hip or pelvis, poorly fitted shoes, turf can cause ankle pain without any episode of injury or trauma. Consult your physiotherapist or chiropractor for full posture assessment.

Arthritis of ankle joint shows following signs and symptoms:

  • Pain: dull/aching/sharp or intense pain in lower leg, back or middle foot.
  • Swelling: 
  • Stiffness and restricted range of motions in ankle 
  • Popping or crunching sound (crepitus)
  • Instability
  • Limping while walking

Getting treatment in early stages of arthritis can significantly slow the progression of symptoms.