My Story Of Pain To Happiness

I am Ravi. Like most of the people in Gurgaon, I work in the corporate world & have climbed the corporate ladder .But this took a toll on my lower back. I went to 3-4 Orthopaedics before I went to Dr. R.C. Arya after a recommendation from a friend for treatment. I was in a really bad condition at that time as I had to take medicines for 6 months with no results. I had a painful disc bulge. I couldn’t even sit for 20 minutes straight.

Dr. Arya who has been practicing for 30+ years gave me some pain killers & referred me to Dr. Ruchita Agarwal who is a Sr. Physiotherapist at Orthocure Clinics in DLF V. I got some pain relief after just a few sessions. Dr. Ruchita recommended me Spinal Decompression therapy. She asked me to see Doctor of Chiropractic at their clinic.

I was completely unaware that they also had a real chiropractor from France which is a rare possibility in India. In a few weeks, after an integrated treatment from all 3 doctors, I got completely well in just a few weeks & could even go to Cyber Hub for enjoyment after work which I had stopped for the last few months.

My morning walks have also started, thanks to a little push from my wife.

Since then, I have referred 3 of my friends who had similar story like mine.

If you are reading this & have any ortho related pain, please do give these guys a visit & get back in the groove of life.


Mr Ravi Khurana

A working professional