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Patient Success Stories for Foot & Ankle

Case 1: Flat Foot

Name: Anita Sharma
Age: 60

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Difficulty in walking,intense pain and because of the fear of walking use to wear same set of shoes from past couple of years, she use to feel foot bones touching the ground while walking and pain in the arch of the foot and the sides of the foot along with calf muscles.,Collapsed arch was present with foot alignment altered and so the walking pattern
  • Protocols Followed: Her foot analysis was done and accordingly an insole was made for her followed by foot adjustment sessions and some exercises for the foot and leg
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient got the confidence of wearing different shoes with less pain while walking, her lifestyle improved a lot and she is managing her foot pain very well with resistance exercises to maintain the strength.

I am very happy with the insoles and the foot adjustments which I have been given, after 15 yrs for the first time I wore wedge heel and it made me feel fantastic.My pain has been reduced and I can walk for longer without any discomfort.Its like getting my life back again which I can enjoy on my feets.

Case 2: Plantarfascitis

Name: Rachna Gupta
Age: 38

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Pain in the arch of the foot, esp aggravated in the morning or when get up after sitting for long. Calf muscles also feel tired.
  • Protocols Followed: Ultrasonic therapy followed by cold pack, Release of plantarfascia with cupping therapy and an insole was made to support her arch and correct foot alignment as after the foot nanlysis we found her foot was going out of alignment.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Pain was not so continuous now and walking was muh more easier, she has been put on some exercises for home.

She is a very good doctor . She explains the problem very well and patiently. Has good knowledge of bones and muscles. I got good relief from plantar fasciatis problem.

Case 3: Foot Pain & Toe Spurs

Name: Vimal Arya
Age: 70

  • Complaints & Symptoms: pain in both the feet at the metacarpal heads. Since 1-2 years.
    Sometimes feel burning sensation. There is difficulty in walking for long, has shown to orthopaedist and they have prescribed Gaba neurons medicines and pain killer but there is no relief
  • Protocols Followed: We proceeded with foot adjustments some exercises and cold pack and we managed her foot pain and burning sensation. Some sessions of ultrasonic therapy were also given for the spurs. Advised an insole
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Burning sensation below the foot was treated with some sessions of adjustments, Patient was able to resume her daily routine of walks

Finally the diagnosis was accurate and whatever the doctor did with the gun (foot adjustments) gave me immense relief from foot pain and burning sensation .Highly recommended