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1. Patient Success Stories for Back

Case 1: Lumbago

Name: Mr. Abhijit Ray
Age: 45 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Acute Pain and stiffness in the low back that he can’t even turn in bed and sleep properly because of pain.
  • Protocols Followed: Physiotherapy modalities along with low back exercises.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Within 5 sessions patient showed drastic improvement with his pain level at 8 on first session to 2 on fifth session

Low back pain is much better after treatment. Excellent guidance from Dr.Ruchita. Exercises are helping a lot. Thank you doctor.

Case 2: Acute Back pain

Name: Mrs. Devyani
Age: 40

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Severe backache ,not able to stand and walk,not relieved by rest ,pain killers and injection.
  • Protocols Followed: Cold Pack, Myofacial releases , Chiro adjustments, matrix, Laser, Exercises.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient was pain free without any medication. She was able to stand and walk without any back pain.

I am very happy with the treatment that I received here. Clinic environment is awesome and staff is very cooperative. Blessings to Orthocure.

Case 3: Mid Back Pain

Name: Siddharth Lal
Age: 42

  • Complaints & Symptoms: pain in the upper back starting from mid to upper back, especially when changing position, While sitting for long hours and getting up from certain positions and during kickboxing. Its like a current which goes up from midback to shoulder.
    T7-T10 Misalignment
  • Protocols Followed: Adjustments done to align the vertebrae and bones followed by hot packs and some strengthening exercises for shoulder blade, Ergonomics advise given.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Pain was gone which was coming in some positions and posture

I had pain in my upper back and after the first visit itself the pain is significantly reduced. The doctor said my vertebrae were misaligned and fixed that…. I recommend the doctor

Case 4: Muscular Low back pain in Pregnancy

Name: Ms. Neha Jain
Age: 32 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: low back pain
  • Protocols Followed: Mayofascial release and TENS
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Better with no fresh complaints

I would highly recommend Dr. Meeta and the Orthocure clinic. I really liked the way she treated me for my back pain especially when I am expecting my first baby and she cannot give me all kinds of treatment because of this. I had trouble even walking and after 4 sessions, I was relieved of my pain. She advised some stretching work outs for my back pain and also related to pregnancy. She asked me to see me only on SOS basis as I was feeling better unlike other doctors who will keep asking you to visit them to make more money. The best part is that she only attends 1 patient at a time and provides diagnosis with full sincerity. The clinic is peaceful with positive environment. I have asked also my mother also to see her as I trust her.

Case 5: Post-surgical relapse Low back pain with radiating pain (Lumbar Canal Stenosis).

Name: Mr. Mohit Wason
Age: 31 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: LBP with radiating pain in both Lower extremities. Was bent on one side (prominent hard list) with difficulty walking/ standing for 5 mins.
  • Protocols Followed: McKenzie for list correction, Lumbar Spinal Decompression therapy and Low back MedX
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: No more back pain or in the legs. Is able to walk pain free. Even participates in Marathons.

Visited for Low back pain with difficulty walking or even standing for 5 mins and was even bent on one side. Had tried a lot of other treatments like basic physiotherapy, acupuncture and magnetic therapy but my condition only kept getting worse.
I had to undergo spine surgery. A few weeks after the surgery I had a relapse of all my symptoms along with the list. I was advised Re-surgery by 2 prominent Orthopedic surgeons. But Dr. Meeta Nanda, who specializes in spine, took up the challenge and corrected my list with McKenzie protocol. Then she put me on a unique treatment of Spinal Decompression therapy form Canada. My symptoms gradually reduced and was able to walk taller, straighter and pain free. I was then put on a specialized back strengthening protocol from USA, Florida- the MedX machine. With the help of MedX, I now feel stronger and more confident about my back. One of the biggest assessment of my recovery is that now I walk to the clinic for my regular checkups which is 6 Kms away from my home. I would without a doubt recommend Orthocure clinic to any one in pain and a must visit before going in for a surgery.

Case 6: Chronic radiating pain and parasthesia

Name: Mr. Manohar Lal Bhatia
Age: 70

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Back pain with radiating pain in legs and parasthesia.
  • Protocols Followed: Hot Pack, Matrix,Laser,Manual release,Dry needling,Strengthening Exercises.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient was painfree and was able to walk. Activities of daily living were done easily.

I am relieved from the pain that I have come with. Blessings to orthocure.

Case 7: Muscular Pain + SI joint dysfunction

Name: Mr. Sunbir Wadhwa
Age: 46 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Low back pain especially on prolonged sitting or travel with intermittent increase in back pain and stiffness.
  • Protocols Followed: Lumbar MedX and SI joint alignment correction
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Better with no fresh complaints. Is currently on Maintenance protocol of MedX.

I came to Orthocure after undergoing physiotherapy (for my lower back issues) at another center for nearly 2 months. Having patiently undergone treatment at another ‘popular’ center without satisfactory results, I was quite skeptical about what to expect from Orthocure, as it was an unknown Centre. I had no recommendation from any known sources. I had come across Orthocure while googling the net. What followed was the 3 month treatment program of MedX which yielded excellent results. Initially Dr. Meenal and then Dr. Meeta guided me through the program. I was explained in detail what was causing the problem and how it would be treated and rectified. The program started yielding visible results after the first few sittings. While it was not smooth sailing always, as my problem was complicated, Dr. Meeta dealt with all the surprises and customized my treatment accordingly. Now at the end of 3 month program, I am completely satisfied with the results and would without any hesitation ‘Fully’ recommend the services of Orthocure & Dr. Meeta to anyone facing similar, lower back issues.

2. Patient Success Stories for Neck

Case 1: Chronic neck Pain Radiating to arms

Name: Mr Naresh Sharma
Age: 68yrs

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Pain in the left arm esp. comes with reaching activities and eating food on dining table, Taking back of the neck was limited & painful, difficulty and restriction felt in looking sideways and bending of the neck side to side was painful & restricted, Spasm of the cervical muscles Osteoporotic.
  • Protocols Followed: Patient was put on the Mulligans mobilization with neural mobilization followed by hot packs, Ergonomics advice and some set of exercises using resistive bands to work on strength.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patients arm tingling was drastically reduced and was maintain a much better posture, was put on some home exercise program to maintain his muscular strength.

I came here on the recommendation of a friend doctor and my experience here was unbelievable. I met Dr Meenal Sharma and Dr Aakriti. Their behaviour is beyond words. Very nice and Courteous. Treatment given by Dr Meenal took me to a different world.I had different opinions about physiotherapists but coming here changed my Attitude. All the Best.

Case 2: Chronic neck pain with giddiness and stiffness in neck

Name: Mrs. Satya Tyagi
Age: 74

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Severe neck pain from past 6- 7 years. Neck movement was restricted. Patient was complaining of nausea and vomiting due to neck pain.
  • Protocols Followed: Hot Pack, Matrix,Laser, Chiro adjustments,Manual releases, Muscle Energy Techniques, Exercises.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient was painfree and relieved from giddiness and stiffness. She was able to do her daily activities easily.

The treatment I received here gave me relief from very old pain that I was suffering from. Thank you to Orthocure.

Case 3: Neck pain muscular

Name: Mr. Gopinath akundy
Age: 44 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Severe Pain and stiffness in the neck due to which pat. Had to take painkillers every time.
  • Protocols Followed: Dry Needling, stretching exercises and MedX neck strengthening program
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Decrease in pain and stiffness in neck as well as increase the strength in the neck muscles and he stopped taking painkillers.

I have spondylitis problem. Along with this got weak neck & upper back muscles with chronic pain in that area. With the dry needling my pains were relieved. With the help of Dr. Ruchita Agarwal I learned stretching exercises for neck and upper back region with and without theraband. Also undergone three months Med X sessions as per her advice to strengthen the neck muscles. The readings of muscle strength and muscle balance were gradually improved over those three months. Currently I am on maintenance mode on Med X to maintain the neck muscle strength and balance. Combination of muscle strengthening equipment, dry needling, stretching exercises and cold/hot pack therapy reduced the medication intake of muscle relaxants and pain killers. I would recommend orthocure for those looking for advanced ortho services where they got Orthopedicians, Physiotherapists, along with latest equipment on muscle strengthening for neck/back.

Case 4: Wry neck

Name: Mr. Sahil Aggarwal
Age: 24 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Acute Pain the neck and unable to move his neck in any direction, every movement was painful.
  • Protocols Followed: Physiotherapy modalities along with mulligan for neck and exercises.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: all the neck movements painfree with full ROM.

Pain is relieved. Hints of pain upon strenuous activity still there but otherwise full mobility restored and is pain free. Thanks. Cheers☺.

Case 5: Postural Neck pain

Name: Ms. Bronia Marak
Age: 36 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: Patient c/o pain in neck which gets aggravated after prolong sitting, working on laptop, lifting something heavy.
  • Protocols Followed: Stretching exercises, physiotherapy modalities, dry needling and strengthening exercises with and without theraband and Ergonomic advice given.
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Patient pain is greatly reduced and she is now following all my instructions for exercises and also for maintaining good posture.

My doctor Dr.Ruchita has taken a great care of my pain. Explained to me the basic necessity of maintaining proper posture. Have been on time with my schedule, easy going and easy to discuss the pain related issues. Since, coming here in Orthocure I have been able to identify my pain areas and work on it and now my pain is much better and her instructions and procedures are easy to follow which I am following regularly on daily basis.

Case 6: Headache

Name: Ms. Sonam Mehra (name changed)
Age: 31 years

  • Complaints & Symptoms: 1.pain and stiffness in the neck. 2. Recurrent headaches and disturbed sleep.3. Constant clicking every time she moved her right shoulder.
  • Protocols Followed: Dry Needling and McKenzie
  • Patient Condition on completion of treatment: Drastic decrease in headaches and stopped taking painkillers.

Recommended by a friend, I went to Orthocure clinic for a solution for my constant headaches and neck pain. Dr.Meeta did Dry Needling to release my taut muscles and discussed in detail about all the do’s and don’t’s. I had more than 50% decrease in my neck and shoulder pain with a magical disappearance of the clicking in my right shoulder just after one sitting. She then put me on McKenzie protocol for my headaches and even mobilized my spine. Since then, the frequency of my headaches has drastically gone down. It is such a relief to stop popping in painkillers. Thank You, Orthocure and Dr.Meeta.